Crossout has been upgraded to version 2.0!

Crossout has been upgraded to version 2.0!

Warriors of the Wasteland! The “Supercharged” update for Crossout, in which we switched to the Targem Engine 2.0 and implemented many other changes, has been available for a week now. All these days we have been carefully studying your feedback, fixing bugs and improving the game to make it as comfortable, entertaining and beautiful as possible.

We understand that not everyone is used to the changes yet, and we will try to help you navigate through the new features. And there are really a lot of them — so much so that Crossout Supercharged looks like a new game when compared to the original Crossout. We decided it was time to admit it and reflect this fact right in the game’s logo.

Up until now, the PC version of the game has used version numeration such as 0.14.xx, which looked a bit strange, as if the game was still in its beta stage. In order not to confuse the players, this numeration will also be changed, and the versions of the new updates will be counted from 2.0. So from today, Crossout becomes Crossout 2.0 in every sense.


Of course, we won’t stop there and will continue to update, change and improve the game so that it remains relevant and interesting for many years to come. And to celebrate the current status update of the game, we offer you gifts to celebrate the first day of Crossout 2.0!

Every player who logs into the game before November 13, 23:59 GMT, will receive a gift of 7 days of premium subscription and a classic Engineer garage, which was updated and improved specifically for this event.

Please note that the classic Engineer garage doesn’t provide the possibility of building your own range.

Related changes in the update:


Reworked the physical and visual model of hovers - now it is not only symmetrical in both vertical projections, but also noticeably more compact, which will help in creating more efficient vehicles.

As a consequence, after the update is released, some blueprints with hovers may not work. We recommend that you check your blueprints at the exhibition and in the garage and revise them if necessary.

Icarus VII

  • Now the hover can be placed on all sides of the frame.
  • Durability reduced from 275 to 193 pts.
  • Tonnage reduced from 1050 kg to 900 kg.
  • Hover side projection damage is now increased by 30% (instead of 50%).

Icarus IV

  • Now the hover can be placed on all sides of the frame.
  • Durability reduced from 315 to 252 pts.
  • Hover side projection damage is now increased by 30% (instead of 50%).

  • Fixed a bug where raiders and bosses couldn’t leave the spawn point in the “War for fire” raid on the “Wrath of Khan” location.
  • Improved a number of in-game icons and their display.
  • Improved client stability.

Lemme recall something.

reeee hovers have been nerfed i’m going out of the gaem you lost me REEEEEEEE

Yeah, that should be it :upside_down_face:

Also, 2.0 means that: hovers have received a huge upgrade.

  1. No new mode.

  2. No improvements for other “unusual parts”.

  3. You can’t even slap your bigrams and ML on the front.

P.S. “Crossout becomes Crossout 2.0 in every sense.” As in paying taxes for a game that is actually in it’s final release?


where are the Gremlins, when will they fix them?

Literally every hover built, then modified for the first physics engine drop that I JUST SPENT HOURS ON is now a pile of trash because the hovers are either colliding with something or cannot fit where they were. I play forward facing hovers and have since day 1, four months into XO dropping on console. We get used to your changes on the physics engines, modify accordingly and then you render our builds useless. Why did I ever sink thousands into this game thinking it would change and maybe start taking care about your player base, upgrade off of War Thunder’s backup servers (or can you devs respond and confirm it’s just a rumor) and just think about the fact you’re going to lose what dedicated player you have left that’s actually keeping this game afloat.


you did WHAT?!

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And they’re still crying, unable to adapt. I’d wonder how they get by in life but I’m opening my own salt mine here! Business is booming :wink:


Wow that basic placement for those hovers is really screwy… lol… This should be a funny few more weeks…

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Your updates continue to be hopeless. Two weeks ago I used to enter the game with a smile and joy looking forward to clan battles. Today, 80% of the players I know are not happy with your total spoiling of the game and will leave permanently if you don’t bring back the old gameplay. Hovers fly way too fast, are too dynamic and additionally rock from side to side as if they were fueled by alcohol. Hovers are unbeatable against spiders. They can fly around it and win easily. Bilds with wheels are completely useless today ! Hovers is unbeatable against, for example, firebug with wheels. The spider pushes the bild on wheels like a light feather. One of the most expensive vehicles on full fiuzed is completely worthless ! In general, relic weapons are very weak against epic ones (why did I fiuzed all this ?!) If you were so hurt by, for example, firebugs, why can’t I replace them with some other weapon on wheels ? Any bild (no matter what weapon) on wheels S U C K S! Didn’t you take into account that not
everyone feels like flying ???


it is enough to reduce the speed to 85 and the flight altitude. it-s only in my opinion…

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Just to you people know, “T” button now changes your camera lock by 180 degrees. Which means weapon sight and controls will be tied to the rear instead of front.

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You’re one update too late buddy

this game was supposed to be balanced, I don’t give a damn about their stupidity, they changed it many times, in the end it was reasonably good, little was missing and it would have been all ok, it was enough to give a nerf for a few epic weapons like crossbows or locust, a little to a few legendary ones, then it would have been ok, well maybe a few more relics to give a buff because they are worth nothing.
And these clowns changed everything without making sense. now from dozens of weapons you could use, there are a few left. And from many types of wheels, tracks, hovers etc only hovers are left. The rest lose in advance and only a lot of experience and a lot of luck allows you to win. The game has gone from being fun to an idiotic work you don’t like, if you want uranium or a good place in the table.
Now I get more pleasure playing raids, not cw. On pvp also boring because two types of builds rule and the game is crap.


and now what will you do wisely? Will you kill the hovers again? It was enough to give them what they had before the changes, add the possibility of mounting in any direction and that’s it.
What’s your problem with that? In addition, you spoiled the wheels, small tracks etc, what are we supposed to play on? Add balloons and masts with sails :slight_smile:


Also, why do people have a problem with side builds on hovers? Spiders can have legs sideways, some other drives too, why should hovers be cursed?
This game advertised as a game where you can build what and how you want is getting ridiculous. Because you can do anything, as long as you do it the way you want . Even the store has been changed and the prices are under your control, it’s funny. “Free market…” In the Moscow edition. I know that the whole world is plagued by sick leftism, but you guys want to make CCCP 2. Everything controlled and under full control.


My only gripe is the additional weight capacity reduction to the Icarus VIIs. I swapped my IVs to VIIs, but now my main hover build is a bit too heavy for them.

Had I known the follow-up nerf was coming, I wouldn’t have made the exchange.


They can’t be build “sideways”. Hovers can, now.

If any, ML, Augers and Omni should have the option to be placed frontal as well, and Bigrams should have an option to be placed diagonally — not like they positioned now, but literally clip to the corners of frames.

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Do you guys know how update versions work? You can’t just jump from open beta to 2.0 like that, you have to actually finish the development of the game first…

Edit: All these neat updates and yet, there’s still no way to tell if a fire puddle if friendly or not… Just add a blue hue to the bottom of enemy flames for pete’s sake!

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The toxic end game players are what makes this game bad. Losing CW players is not going to ruin the game because most people don’t play CWs and never did.

CWs need a complete overhaul, these changes are not going to fix or break CWs because the game mode is already broken.


Well they finalliy made what they had to do years ago. Posibility to rotate hover when mounting. But everything else stays fu**** up anyways. Everyone will play hovers now only like last week. Hovers puni and hovers breakers. Kapkan price going up :sweat_smile:

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I was a nolifer in this game…now this game is totally broken…thanks devs for ruining my favorite game :wink:

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