Crossout input delay

Will they ever fix this game’s terrible input delay?

If you go and play any other game for a while you will notice it, it’s really bad input delay and it doesn’t look like it’ll ever be fixed, playing on other servers makes it so much worse too, my friends and I notice it so much, how about others?

I’m not sure what that means, but I just logged off because of some kind of connection issue. It’s unplayable. The screen flashes and I’m getting bad lag, and keep slamming into walls and stuff. It’s frustrating.

It’s not always like that, but frequently it is.

The delay between pushing a button/key and it happening in game

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Ya, that. I was having fun with the Hulks again, but it’s just too much. I’ll play later, I guess.

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I don’t experience that very often on PS4, but it is very frustrating when it does happen.
I find it usually resolves itself eventually.

it isn’t something that goes away, its just in the game in general, how does no one notice? do people not play other games?

I notice it so much when driving fast on wheels, the turning is awfully slow to react

Yeah, the lag in this game lately has been so bad for me, at first I thought it was people using mods, nope, then I thought it was my PC, but nope, then my wifi, and yes I did get lousy ping but then I repaired Crossout and it set me to Auto region and I had no lag at all.
So I put it back to the North American server/region and the lag came back with a vengeance, I mean rag doll, input lag, my vehicle driving sideways but going straight, gonna set it back to Auto server/region and see if it is just the North American server/region that’s laggy.
(Edit) Nope, the horrid lag is on the auto server too now after a day and half without lag …

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It is more noticeable when I’m on NA servers with others rather than EU I must admit, although I just assumed it was because I’d be at 100 ping or so

I never get input delay. Last time I remember it happening on crossout was like two years ago.

I get it from time to time, makes playing on weapons like the Varun, Astraeus, nailguns and Assembler a pain in the ass

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