Crossout is called "neglecting to associate with server" or otherwise stacking bug problem

I and another minority player have been dealing with this phenomenon for many years, not years, and yet the problem persists at the end of Gaijin. Of which I have wonderful connections and unfortunately, for me I can never interface with on this server in the Netherlands. In blue it doesn’t let me pass, yet it allows others when I have a really wonderful companionship in the game. I have made a tracer and after sending all the parcels they lose and no one is sent back which may be a problem in the specific server gazin end. Now trust me when I say that I have tried my best to deal with it, which gives me confidence that you can all fix it and pay attention to me in terms of the school I have done so far. Has been ignored so far. Theoretically given screen capture and game logs will allow you to get a handle on what’s really going on, however Hell for me don’t answer with a good way to fix it Yes is it possible for me to fix (change the importance of where I live or change expert colleagues), Still you understand my point. I would also like to note that I can interface with any other server on this earth with an open IP, just for the love of Christ with me. This corresponds to an association test that I can interface to the problem server, just don’t let me interface and accept that I’m giving as much data as I can. omegle chatib