Crossout is on path to overtake starfield for playercount any moment now

I was looking up starfield tutorials as that is one of the few games I am working on at the moment and came across a article that said starfield has lost 97% of it’s player base in less than 6 months, that is absolute nuts and probably the biggest mass exodus I’ve ever seen in a video game, period. When i seen this chart my jaw just hit the floor.
starfield screenshot

Haha, even skyrim special edition has around 25k…

However i wouldn’t say crossout is overtaking anything, it’s just dying a little bit slower.

Well it was too empty for a Bethesda game.

I played it so much for about 2 weeks but in that time I was able to do every quest-line alternate dialogue that was possible in the entire game… So then what? There’s nothing else to do at that point.

2 weeks is about the same time for me to get on new game plus 7 in elden ring. I didn’t 100% the game but came close to it and reached top level.

Yea I think the game gets a little more hate than what it deserves. Main thing that kept me away was performance issues but the game is running much better for me after all the updates so that is what I’m gonna plug away at for the moment.

This I can agree with, I definitely had a great time playing the game and enjoyed all of it… but sadly for Bethesda they got showed up by Baulders Gate having magnitudes more content and play-ability.

It’s just like Palworld and Pokemon, Pokemon have had a 20 year monopoly on the creature catching/fighting genre with no competition… they get lazy and put out crap and then Palworld came along as made everyone realize what they realyl deserve… same thing with Baulders Gate and Bethesda, Fallouts getting lazy… the 3rd release of Skyrim then boom… People wake up from it.

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Id rather play modded fallout 4 or zomboid to that dumpsterfire called starfield.

Palworld seems pretty good. I love nintendo games so that game would be right up my ally, i got it added to my wishlist on steam.

Regarding starfield, loved the honest conference video, those guys are great.

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I watched that video yesterday, twas a pretty funny watch.

New justice league game has less players than crossout :joy:

I never ever watched any of the movies let alone the game. Believe it or not i don’t think i ever watched a marvel movie or even knew what justice league was until i looked it up yesterday.