Crossout Market Bot Mafia!

Picture this, imagine clicking the mouse 3 to 4 times per second 24 hours a day without breaks for 8 months straight you really think that is possible?

Ths stuff can be done solo if u have 2 computers buy nd sell to ur self can also be done on console but anyone who does this is taking that risk of being hit by arbiter bot or banned in general but idk i had to make the screen bigger to see the numbers nd ya those numbers r pretty high, even some ppl on xbox who have over 400 plus days dont have that

Look i have had 4 pages open of epics/legendaries for sale for the past 2 years everyday without missing a single day. I update my offers to make them current every 2 hours at least and i update them every 15 to 30 minutes when im playing the game. I am a juggernaut of a market flipper and these guys got 20 times that amount in 8 months, it is not possible end of story. 40 times if you include specials

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true but like i said it can be done solo and what their flipping to them self has to be something nobody is buying nd doing it with different rarity might go under the radar but still weird tho

They are on all the common stuff, it is the opposite actually. They pick the stuff with the most action. Think hermits, crickets, wasps, elephant, executioners, piercers etc etc all the common stuff that got the most traffic where if you throw a bid it will most likely be outbid within a few minutes by some other random user on the market.

ya now thats messed cuz the numbers keep going up nd down, unless they can show how their doing it jezzzz lol i want that kind of bank daily id have everything in the game finally :rofl:

Put it this way the absolute maximum they will update an offer is 2 minutes absolute max. I got loads and loads of footage of these dudes in action outbidding me on everything. Im certain they got all 20 sell slots and all 20 buy slots open and they are making each and every one of those 40 items current within a max time frame of 2 minutes, That means they are updating 20 items per minute, every minute 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. This is not real people doing this but software doing the dirty work.

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I love the east coast Canadian accents. They’re all a bit different from each other, and mostly based on very old Irish and Scottish accents that you guys somehow kept alive.
But can be a bit hard for outsiders to understand, but any accent is. I find the Newfie accent very colourful.

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Thank you very much poony, I’m flattered lol. I try my best to get people to understand me but having a newfie accent is just something that you can never get rid of.

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Yea tis true, once you hang a around a newfie long enough you will start to talk like it too. Happened to alot of my ex buddies going to university, it is very contagious indeed. It even happen to jimmy kimmel i think after he visited newfoundland and did a show about Dildo Newfoundland.

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(PC) i wonder if that’s why mats are so low.
wires use to sell for 16 coin,scrap,batts ect are all really low now and been this way for a year or so,that’s why im hording them
can’t craft because its not worth wasting the mats.

and everytime i buy something on market,it loses value by almost half right after i buy it .
and i been trying to sell it for a year now…

i have posts on this in the forum…
so ya,somethings going on,im glad someones digging into it…thx :saluting_face:


It is nothing to do with these guys. They are dealing with items like victors, aspects, fidgets etc as an example. They are not dealing with resources. What they are doing is that they are putting in the highest lowest bid on items as soon as they got a 3% roi or greater and reselling for the lowest highest offer as soon as someone sells them that item. Once the item is sold and there is still a 3% or greater roi they will rinse and repeat the same process over and over again.

i know what your saying…
but does it? you can’t buy anything on market and sell it for profit on pc anymore.
so how are they buying them?
they are losing money every time they sell them,so what’s the point?
only thing that i made money on was a new cab,and i told everyone to sell it now and make some coin if they didnt use it…its on this forum,im too lazy to look it up or drunk as muppet says :crazy_face:

i think you should smoke some weed and chill out,it’s just a game afterall…just lookin out for you bro…for real it’s not worth it :yum:

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Ok you must of seen some of my previous videos then. You know now that I am not hallucinating when i say he never takes a break from flipping. He must be the energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going and going with no end in sight.

you reported him and nothing happened.
looks like the devs are not too interested in any form of justice.Either they don t care or endorse this behaviour. Both ways you re wasting your time i suggest you to move on.

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Theres loads of money to be made on the market. As an example I flipped the royal trophy the other day at a 1500 coin profit.

Like i said id give it one last attempt. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If this fails well im done and moving on.

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you said that last time…'.but here we are :kissing_heart:
just playin with you nobler


I lied lol

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That might explain things then. Up until about June of last year, I had been crafting alot of blue items, but then there was a mysterious plummet in the selling prices. Blue parts that averaged in the low- to mid-40’s kept dropping until by about September, they bottomed out in the low- to mid-30s…approximately a 25%-30% drop.

I crafted almost nothing last summer or fall, since it just didn’t pay off. Since the prices still haven’t recovered, these days I just sell the scrap as it piles up, and play the levi invasions heavily for copper, for my “income”. :expressionless:

If the situation Nobler describes is accurate (and I believe it is), then it’s just another sign of devs not giving a damn about the players. Instead of inventing snowball cannons, they should have fixed this issue 6 months ago. :unamused:

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