Crossout Market Bot Mafia!

I gave up trying raising awareness about a group of market bots that’s been plaguing the crossout market for at least 8 months now but I am going to give this one last final attempt.Targem please!!! do the right thing and ban these crooks.

I updated this post to include the original videos I did a few months ago. I deleted videos 5 and 6 because I determined after that this player named olalatheworld is not a bot even tho his account is very suspicious and I said some nasty shit to him that i never should of said but at least i got a reply from him unlike the other 2.

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welcome to player ran market lol theirs days im buying and selling over 200 things , just gotta know what to actually buy to sell that many ppl wont be so u wont be out bid constantly

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77 epics sell profits per day?

ofc possible if you got capital and storage to keep them all. (ofc more than 77 since need wait many days before price changes)

Myself i play almost only CWs and not much missions now, but still logging even just 2 days in week can do trading profit a lot also.

And the more capital i keep i could do even more…

but im not patient and i will buy items to build something before i collect so big capital

Also if they do not play missions while being logged it

  • it might mean they build or trade or play custom training sessions.

sometimes myself i log-into more than this 2 days in week and i can play 0 missions so nothing in history, while playing customs all day while trading/etc.

Ofc i dont say they do not cheat with bots like you suggest
But your suggestion might also hurt some legit player who just play customs with clan.

Ofc most suspecting is staying online almost all time - tho i dont think you was monitoring while you sleep yourself. Also some people can be logged even at work. And even so on some screen i seen some of them offline for hours.

since you raised attention on PoHaron , i put him in my authors list and what i can tell you he must be on a serious sleep deprivation , because i only saw him offline once or twice…
either he goes off exactly as i do , or he might have some kind of no sleep trick i don t know.
Overall would not want to be the one paying his electricity bills.

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i keep my xbox on pretty much 24/7 even when im not home so being online doesnt seem odd to me which honestly none of it is odd

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Thought id show my buy and sell stats

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If you allow me to criticise a bit

@nobler1500 Is you talking ?

What a thick accent, a bit hard to follow for non native English people, like me.

Is that Southern US? a Regional accent from Uk?

Would be much better if it was closer to Standard English…just saying.

Yea i use to do text only format because of it and plus a stutter on top. I’m from newfoundland lol we are of irish decent. Think of it as a very mutated irish accent.

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This is mine, ive been flipping everyday for the past 2 years so i know just how hard it is to gain patches. Poharon and elyon lover earned 10 times this amount or 20 times if you factor in the two of them in a 8 month span. And too add insult to injury they also got over 1200 special patches as well, i never deal with specials.

Judging by some of the comments here people don’t understand just how hard it is to grind that amount of patches. I’ve been at this steady everyday and It is easier said than done

it could be possible depends on what all their buying and selling, like for me i can buy and sell at days over 3000 batteries but i know u were talking epics those can sell but i dont think as fast i dont deal in those cuz its to much of a gamble, unless they have clan mate helping them out buying nd selling to each other but even that someone is losing out on coin lol

Not only epics, they are grinding out legendaries, rares and specials. Each special patch is worth 15 specials. Between the 2 of them they are selling about 600 items per day at a profit, now think about that.

I’m terrible sorry about my " critic"
I was trying to guess where you are from … Newfoundland… :slight_smile:

Sometimes it sounds to me from South of NA and other times it sounds somewhere in the UK.

I’m from Portugal, anything out of Standard English and i’m in trouble.

I don’t even noticed your stutter which does not even have any importance

Yea most of my previous market bot videos were text only but I didn’t feel like sitting down and typing in text this time. My stutter ain’t bad like it use to be when i was a kid, I was in speech therapy all throughout primary school because my stutter was that bad.

when did they first start playing tho, itll say when they started

They have been playing for a while, these are real players but they have only been flipping since june of last year. Elyon lover only earned rockereller 5 in june of last year lol. To put that in perspective i earned rockefeller 5 in 2018 or 2019 and yet they got 10 times more patches than what i got.

it is possible heres when i first started

No it is not possible even if they were paid 1 000 000 in real life money. You really not grasping the sheer volume. I got more proof than what is listed in the videos because i thought that was enough but it seems people is really not understanding the gravity of this.