Crossout math

Im curious how they get these numbers ,
referring to the power fuse

im positive 15 percent of 22 should be more than 15 percent of 20

%3.3 for 22 3% for 20


maybe it’s metric, converted into Russian Imperial, converted into American Imperial Standard. Like Manbearpig, I don’t think we’re meant to question such things. If we do, it might just bring about the end of the world as we know it.

the thing is…

In Crossout values are really like 100.32423554 not just 100

When you see for example damage in game like 40, it might be 39.386632 in reality. (thats why sometimes you can see 40/39/40/39/39/40/40/39 kind of damages in counter, since they accumulate not visible values for later add)

Similar with mass limit, where you have 5000/5000 but it show that its over limit, just because it might be 5000.2345/5000 (not sure about mass tho, but it might also use float/double values)

so now:

lets say sleipnir is 20 * 0.85 = 17 its perfect we agree

but lets say Hardened track is really 22.4 (so they round to 22 visible)

22.4 * 0.85 = 19.04 → if they round UP for calculated fuse value, it might be 20.00 then. [here is key action that they might do]
rounding visible 20.00 is still 20 too.

here is another exampe:

lets say Hardened track is really 22.99 (so they round DOWN to 22 visible)

22.99 * 0.85 = 19.5415 → round(4 or less is down, 5 or more it up) for fuse calculation its 20. (so they round DOWN to 20 visible)

Its just a theory, but math theory that works.


This is my understand of how it works as well. Then it is rounded when displayed.

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Crossout maths: No packs because devs haven’t bothered with a serious balance patch in 6 months = 3 brand new boomer shooters in my steam library UwU

the way i see it is different , and probably wrong but say you have a hardcore , you roll 10 percent more power you 11 getpercent total … i did it like this 15 percent of 20 = 0.15 x 20 = 3
15 percent of 22 being 0.15 x 22 =3.3

maybe im backwards but

15 percent of 22 should not be less than 15 percent of 20

sorry, but it seems like you did not understand what i wrote.

And where did i deny it? value might be little different, but still 15% of 22(22.99 so 23 can also be) is bigger than 15% of 20, you just seem to not understand what i wrote.

i belive most problem for you were to split “visual value” and “real value”.

If i would say to you, that(theory values, since we dont know real ones):
Slepnir is 20.00 (you see 20), so 15% less is 17.00 (you see 17), difference is 3.00
Hardened track is 22.99 (you see 22) so 15% less is 19.04 (you see 20 because of fused rounding), difference is 3.95

so 3.00 is less than 3.95 - 15% of 20 is less than 15% of 22, all is correct.
Problem is what we really see. Roundings for people to see “easier to read” values.

Ofc we can mark it as a visual bug, i would agree with that. But game for sure work with real values we just dont see.

All i can say i know topic very well. Not here to argue, also dont want sound arrogant, but just accept my help or not

Oh no I’m not trying to argue just displaying my point of view and the math I used to get to why I think / thought it’s wrong , I appreciate different perspectives

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Now I’m in class having to calculate total resistance of combination circuits and it’s melting my brain :joy:

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