Crossout Mobile Yokozuna 50x better than our Yoko

This is some nonsense. Crossout Mobile Yokozuna has a perk that sends out an electromagnetic impulse that clears mines, sends enemies flying and leaves them vulnerable to attack. I play full version Crossout and My Yoko only sends out a drone or something. This is complete nonsense. I want Impulse Yoko immediately.


I haven’t played mobile XO in a while… the games are only slightly related.

Do they still let you put frames halfway up your cab? :joy:

And that cab sounds OP for sure!

What the heck, that’s lightyears better than the Yoko in the actual game

Good luck on hoping for it though, I am afraid it’s one of those parts the devs have “forgotten” about and won’t touch every again, like so many stuff left to rot and suck


Yeah, and the mobile game parts are very different & it makes sense. On PC, I have what… 15 triggers? LOL On mobile… yeah… nah. I can’t even steer the truck on mobile.