Crossout moments

Let’s have a thread for some Crossout moments. They can be good moments, bad moments, frustrating moments, funny mishaps, frustrating things that happened, humorous coincidences or karma moments etc.

I’ve been grinding for stabilizers for some time now, trying to reach 2 purple ones for around 3 months now, with finally so many of each that I would only need 1 blue or light blue to be able to craft an epic stabilizer. Only thing that can go wrong is a golden one. Finally reach prestige level again today and open the crate.

Coin pack.


Lol :joy: that’s priceless

Me not paying attention to teammate skinner, driving in front, getting skinnered and catapulted into the distance.

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Finally got the second purple stabilizers and could reroll my Argument because I want all four the have the matching fusion (durability, charge time, spread) and have been fiddling on and off the last one between range of fire and rotation speed back and forth without getting the spread, ever since these were offered in the battle pass and i did not have the foresight to craft a 4th one (2021). Did not get it again. Think that maybe after 4 months when I get to maybe reroll again and fail I will quit the game finally, unless the game dies before that which I pray for every night.

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I know that fusion can be frustrating, but This is not even a fuse you need. Your build will work fine without this last one being the same.

It’s not the games fault you fuse. You already know it is not in your favor.

Gambling is always the choice of the gamblers.

If you can’t except losing, then don’t gamble.

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Bro you don’t NEED to have matching air pressures on the tires, they can still spin

Sadly you don’t get to choose what fusions I need for my specific builds, or if having 4 matching fusions is something I need, rather than having three guns that do something and then 1 that does something else. If someone gets screwed over by crossouts wonky fusing they have every right to complain about it, or do you seriously think that the fusion system we have is so perfect people can’t have negative opinions about it? You can take your glorious self w*nking hindsights and stick them where you probably stick bananas on a daily basis

Of course you can complain.


Me sniping gunz and then this random moment happens.


I love that guy pinwheeling across the second video.

This is when Lady Luck takes control. (And what it looks like to forget map awareness)


This is how Blight McNuggets are made. LMAO

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Well, I do have a bit of a funny story of the first literal time I joined crossout for the first time years ago.

What people may not know about me Is I did briefly play xbox during some family drama happening at the time. so I ended up playing the Xbox crossout just for something to do at my family friends’ house as things were being sorted out. I can recall my first ever bedlam experience very well. I spawned in to look around. this was the old fortress map too, so it was a bit more cramped than it is now. anyways, as I drove around a bit… No joke, a buggy with boosters flew over my head and detonated that the invisible wall next to me. All I can think was “Whelp, this is Crossout” despite only being a couple dozen hours into the game. it was if I knew by heart what I was about to get myself into. lol


Lol, so true.

Thanks for sharing.

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no problem.