CrossOut Movie or Serie

I guess many peoples have allready scenarios for a movie or even better a serie of unlimited seasons based on the game , just tell me more & how & when ( if this happen i think that each tribe should hv no king but a kind of democratik choices , as meeting around a fire with all members & all choose the way to be ) ( the main buisness would be petrol of course , but this should be minored to focus in the relations between tribes , places to fight for , wars & alliances … war for water too maybe … A dream that gaijin can realise ( a movie or a serie will increase the number of players by 100 … or more … )


Morlock Motors should be The provider of cars for the movie ( i say that just because i saw the episode when gaijing asked for a vehicule with weapons in year 2017 )

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check out this thread, leave a comment or two.

I imagine each faction would govern themselves differently. Like some would be a monarchy while others would be a dictstorship or a democracy or communisy or socialist.


You seem to be new here and have no idea how things are. Well, nothing can help this game, which has been going downhill for about 2 years. No movie or series will change that, especially since the entire budget of this game does not go to support Xo, but to other projects of this developer. Yesterday, the USA imposed sanctions on the international investment bank (IIB) Международный инвестиционный банк (МИБ) , founded by the Russians with its seat in Budapest, to which your money that you paid to XO went, I am curious how the budget matters will be from now on :rofl:

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I’m just waiting for the day that all of a sudden this game goes black for most of the world.

It’s kinds of a “when” and not an “if” type scenario.


XO’s not really a problem, but War Thunder is definitely getting nuked lmao. Besides diverting tons of western money towards the snail and its dubious Youtube ads, it’s also a psy-op to get dumb western tankers to leak the specs of their current gen vehicles :roll_eyes:

Yeah sure they deleted that Chally 2 and Leclerc official documentation that some losers posted online because they kept getting demolished in a video game. Totally didn’t went to the Kremlin :joy:

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you are incorrect and full of hot air. I made a movie 2 years ago, and Crossout gets plenty of downloads because of it. Whether or not those players stick around due to Gaijins shenanigans is a different story.

Yeah, that is going to happen, not a question of “if” but when…so, let’s milk this tit for as much as we can, while we can. For me, that’s making content with it before it can’t be done anymore.

Dude you’re a full of naivety thinking that ppl came to XO bc of you :rofl: plz change your drugs! Dont forget about paid youtubers!

Im rly sorry to say that, dont take it personally but you mean nothing in that game world.

Now come back down to earth :love_you_gesture:

Oh, you’re making it pretty personal only to say “don’t take it personally”.

I think you really need to learn how to talk to people. I’m kind of getting slightly disgusted by the rudeness you have on parade.

If I was vain enough, I would screen shot the whispers from randoms I get saying things to the effect of: how they saw The Ravaging and started XO because of it. It’s hasn’t been lots…maybe a dozen by this time (2 years down the line) that had the balls to reach out to me and say something. That’s not to leave out those who haven’t found the courage to speak up just yet.

Again, you’re the one making it personal and trying to get out of making me upset, well, you’re not getting out of it. You have certainly made me upset with your blatant dismissive nature on display towards, not only myself, but the OP and others who want to see this game succeed.

I, for one, am hoping someone in the gaming industry will see The Ravaging (there by seeing the promise Crossout has) and want to buy it out from Targem/Gaijin. Is that something you’ve ever considered: Crossout getting bought by a better more reputable company? Because it is a very real possibility… less of a possibility as long as people like you feel fit to shit every where they can on anything baring the name Crossout.

I’m firmly footed on good Green planet Earth, sitting here looking at you with your head firmly stuck up your butt, enjoying your own shit. It’s kinda lame to watch…so, I’ma get back to Star Trek. Peace. :fu:

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Are you normal or are you crazy? On the one hand you complain that I’m doing something personal and on the other hand you write some nonsense insulting me. I’m not even going to quote you, just re-read the garbage you wrote to me and think about what you’re doing. The second thing is you wrote to me starting to heat up the atmosphere and this is not your first time. I am very unforgiving and if someone steps on my toes once, I will remember it. You’ve already done it once by writing similar nonsense for which you later apologized, so next time you better not write to me if you don’t want to hear the truth.

Peace :love_you_gesture:


Hello everybody
Stay nice guys


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A lot of people on here and in general parade rudeness like they’re in the Macy’s day parade

A lot of people do, at least most sites have block/mute/ignore functions for those who aren’t capable of normal conversation

A lot of anti-socialness goes on around here, and it’s more than just simple differences in opinions

I hope that happens and have for a while now

So much pettiness… Power a city with it

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Thank you for the support!

Would be great if this game gets bought, then gets a movie. A movie would be dope.