Crossout museum

Can we please get a timeline museum of all parts and updates put into the game with developer’s commentary on what they made and why they made it and a timeline of each weapon and item put into the game so we can go to it and look at what was what and how it became what it is now. And maybe player requests as a momento to us all crossout players that played from the beginning and hopefully to the never ending. To show how this game evolved as we all played together for laughs and tears sometimes both haha. I would love to see what they really felt as we all played their game and why they did what they did as a thanks to all of us players and a thanks for helping us type thing? Throughout the good and bad moments we must all have a story so why not see what they think of us and show us their intentions as game developers. I think it would be cool to drive into a giant building filled with parts and pieces and paintings and wheels and weapons with the devs imput into why they made it. With a little history lesson for the new guys and for the year one players to go oh yeah i remember that. We all are getting older and the memories of what changed will get more confusing as we forget as time keeps going on.

There have been so many changes, buffs and nerfs. I doubt Devs will give you a history on it in article format.

Maybe their websites news section has all the info logged in it from the beginning of crossout? All the updates and what not of you scroll back enough.

Well obviously only keep the best patch notes and why it got taken down a notch for what weapon that was put in or whatever. Not the 1000000000 little things like yalls brains work every day on here. Just editor notes and commentary from the devs on what faction its from and what age of crossout did it become a weapon and its stats kinda like mortal kombats tombs that you go thru and unlock and see cool art of the design process and stuff like that. Nothing crazy. Just a timeline of all things put in and maybe we can unlock load screens and calander pictures for the load screen. Did you see how cool they look? I loved the calander crossout pictures its the coolest. Sorry im just a fan girl.

Im not a girl haha. Im joking about that okay. Don’t hit on me.

I don’t hit on women unless I know what they look like.

Good answer haha. Seeing is believing after all but hearing can be deceiving hahaha.

Would be cool to see something of a timeline, I don’t fully think a dev commentary would be possible since this game has been out for year’s and honestly I’d have a hard time remembering everything I put into it if I was in their shoes, Still though not a bad idea by any means, would be nostalgic seeing where the game was when I started back in 2017 to now.

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Thank you. And we can always have the devs ask all us players what was what. No problems there i bet haha.