Crossout Music

Hey guys, i just produced a song in honor of crossout. If you whant to listen to it just go to

Maybe some of you like it…or produced some music and whanna add it here. Enjoy!


I lost all my song recordings when I lost everything I own. So I can’t share them. I think I have like two mih recordings left somewhere. Maybe on Facebook and YouTube.

Sorry to hear! Someday somethine similiar happend to me. Lost my external drive with a few albums i created in hollidays. Never found it back. Lost tons of music. Thats pain.

You sir have triple A music talent, all the song needs is some vocals and it can be in the top 40

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Thank you very much! Was my first “rock” song i did with FL studio. Usually i do electronic stuff. But grown up with classic music as a cellist. I will ask my gl if she whanna sing something with me on it. Thx :slight_smile: