Crossout New Year's Resolutions or Goals?

For me, I’m going to try and not be such a drama queen on this forum. Wish me luck.

Also, the idea of going a year without spending any money on this game looks tempting too, but I don’t know if I have the fortitude to do that. They could drop another cab like the Manitou, and I’d sleep in the fetal position for months. Seems like that one needs a graceful caveat, like only on my birthday, or limited to a certain amount. IDK…I’m not really feeling this one.

I could adopt a cannon project as a goal. I’ve not focused on cannons since I started playing, and I’m not very good at it, but occasionally I need to be. A tank-rod to tinker on over the year might be an amusing hobby, and I could probably build some thing truly malevolent if I applied some long term focus-pocus to it…this one I like.

How 'bout ya’ll, any Crossout related long term goals you’re setting, or behavior you’d like to curb for the year?

Not put any money into the game anymore in any shape or form, no packs no passes, and if I run into a moment where I would need to do so to continue having any kind of fun, I’m just uninstalling instead and giving up on my 5 years of mostly f2p grind inventory rather than refusing to do so and in any shape or form supporting the absolute brainfart this game has turned into

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I hear ya on that. I’m hoping it gets better, but that hasn’t been the trend. I’m pretty frugal about spending money on this game myself, and I’m glad for it, so that kind of resolution isn’t a big issue for me.

It might happen incidentally, because they aren’t selling much I’m interested in, and the accompanying consumer manipulation they bring with their sales schemes is generally a turn-off. It might be an easier resolution to maintain than I fear.

$9.99 every four months for Battle Passes seems really reasonable to me, but not if I don’t use the content, and I don’t have much interest in Legendary gear, so I’m not often the target demographic for their marketing.

No plans to do anything different. I’ll buy the major BPs, gift some coins to a few of the kids in my clan I regularly play with, that’s about it. Been defending the new players from the goons in bedlam lately, might step up that tempo.


I want my first relic. I know it won’t happen, but i want to get one.

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It could happen. With this game’s grind, a year sounds about right. I’ve never tried, though.

There’s a few weapon groups that I have never really given a chance, so I want to focus on those a little more.

Missiles in general, but especially homing missiles. Never played many wheeled drones, or the traditional flying ones. Might get some more mines. Spend some more time with ACs other than whirls.

I also plan on a crossbow phase. I’ve used them all in the past, but currently have none, and phoenixes were the only ones I spent much time with.

Also plan on a reload shotgun phase. Haven’t played much of them, other than Arothrons and Parsers.

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