Crossout: Obsidian Edition

How I would balance the game.

Time Frames and Restrictions:

Raids would take place in a certain time period. Easy Raids would be set just after the Crossout happened. No Hovers, no auto aim, no (what else? Add your thoughts.)

Medium raids would take place 10 years later. No hovers.

Hard raids would take place another 10 years later during the alien invasion. No restrictions.

PvP takes place during current time period. Restrictions placed on specific PS tiers, as well as, battlegrounds restricted to these PS tiers. Example: Sector Ex could be restricted to the low PS tier so that only small and mid-sized rigs load into it. Basically, tracks, no auto-aim or hovers below 6k. 7k is no hovers. 8k is no restrictions. (your thoughts?)

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yup and no kapcans and mines and have the same bots on each team…


I would also clarify what the timeline actually is! One of the reasons one of my kids and friends aren’t as interested in playing as I am is they kind of need the lore to make the game interesting. Now, I have been playing enough and reading enough to know the basic storyline, but it is far from clear for a new player. It seems Half Baked at best.

Along with your timeline, I would make faction parts available at certain points in the timeline to coincide with when they arrived in the wasteland. Hyperboreans are the latest, so nothing from them would be available until the last stage of the timeline.

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