Crossout really needs replays enable

So, i spent the last 24 hours editing a video to post it here, it took the longest time to do it, very amateurish and i took some artist liberties that may not be at everyone likings (mainly with sound, i wanted to be similar to the quality of those wax cylinders way back in the day.)
My computer suffered a lot by the end of that process, and so do I but i had lots of fun doing it.
I will upload it in a couple of days after i break down the last barrier, which is my superpower of forgetting passwords.

But if this game had replays and free cams in it not only would be so much easy collecting footage but also providing some cinematic and precise frames.


I would love cinematic replays!
Maybe they could use the helicopter mechanics to allow us to fly a little camera drone through the replay to get cool cinematic footage?

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Considering they’re a great way to get “free advertising” for the game, I’m amazed it doesn’t have it.
I sometimes run a screen recorder to capture stuff, but it’s too much effort to make it worthwhile to put stuff together.

It’s simpler than that

In the game that i used to play
each battle that you did it would be saved as a replay in a replay folder it would last until the next patch (weekly) and the 31 st replay would overwrite over the oldest one.
It was not a screen capture, it was based in simple data, position or something anyways you needed the game to be installed to be able to see the replay, because it was a reconstructed thing.
The cam was easy, inside the replay you could free the camera and if you did know the commands you could do everything with the camera, rotate, go wide, go near, up, down and so on

Depending of what you want to do, it’s really not.
I must have hundreds of screenshots from crossout, i could have many hours of footage by now. what’s really hard, it’s to play with that in mind. Like, i need a shot of something blowing up next to me, and…
1 - you have to pursuit the situation, to create or to catch it
2 - when and if that situation presents to you, you really need a third hand and the luck of framing the scene like you want to, and get it in the right moment.
I could record the fight and do it later, but i can’t do that because the lack of camera controls, WASPs, play, rewind, forward, and so on

For you, maybe… My time is rather limited. I barely have enough time to play, much less record, edit and post anything. I can manage it from time to time, but generally… No.

And I’d say I’m “semi-pro” at editing. :joy:
Complete idiot at gaming. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

uhmmm, so you just like me…but only better.

Normally, i have so little time.
You will see what a “pro” :point_left: at editing can do ( i think i’ll need a lot bigger " ")

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If you happen to have Nvidia, they have a function called Shadow Play…you may need to download it, im not sure…anyways, you can set a hotkey that, when pressed, it will capture the last (previous) 30 seconds of game play. Hope this helps.

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The developers said it in a dev stream some 2 years ago that they do have a replay functionality in the game, but they wouldn’t be making it available to us just yet.
Sure, it would be very useful for watching the action from different angles and making even cooler videos, maybe with built-in slow-motion, etc. Having to separately slow down the audio and then paste everything back together is extra time. I have a lower-spec PC, so I’d like to be able to replay key battle moments at higher settings, let’s say at 1/2 or 1/4 the speed, and then speed up the video in editing, for a better quality on YT. There could be other uses, too.

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Im currently messing around with the geforce experience and shadowplay. Trying to get a good balance with quality is where its at with the right resolution and bit rate. Depending on your system specs this will vary. Then throw in youtubes crunching down process upon upload and it can be hard to get decent looking footage.

You can run an instant replay button recorder with the geforce experience which will record however minutes you set it to at will. I have it set at 5mins max so if i have a cool game i can hit my insert key at the end of the match and capture it all. If the match only lasts 2 minutes then it only captures 2 minutes. Depending on how i have the settings i can feel it drag more in the game but its not that bad.

Shadowplay is another option you can turn on in crossout if you run the geforce experience that is separate from just capturing straight video. Shadowplay gives you some other options that happen automatically in game which can be turned on or off depending what you want to auto capture. I cant remember the exact choices but its things like…

  • Destruction of enemy armored cars;
  • Destruction of multiple players;
  • End of a battle.

Stuff like that. Smaller clips. I dont run shadowplay right now but i often have instant replay running just incase i get a cool game. Cant wait to get a better cpu to help this out.

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Yes i have, i’ll check that out,
I had technical issues, i ended up editing with one, and record with another (watermarks),
had to create an mail account cause forgotten passwords…youtube fun police, things like that,
thank you,


For the longest time i wanted to do some vids, i have some means to do something.
Crossout begs…screams for a B roll provider.
We put a lot in our creations (builds) we tweak so much our builds and when we experiment situations where they excel or we experiment things in the game with our builds that topics like show your build or how to build type of topics aren’t able to do them justice.
The ability of show the why we love a specific build.
I’m not a streamer or a youtuber, i don’t have the patience or the time to record each and every game session and in top of it, it would be overload to my PC.
Having replays with a free camera would be so nice.
Slowly making a project to share with the community.
The vid i made is about my 7th build i wanted to do that since my 3rd.

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I remember the devs talking about the one they use (in a live stream) and they said that, even when they use it to take promo shots, it basically breaks the game.

I also heard that.
I’m talking about something that i don’t know.
but the one i used in the other game you needed the game installed to be able to see the replay file, so you would see and even play around with the camera while the all thing was being capture by a program in the background.
you are not playing the game, you are using the game like if it was a player.
All depends the definition of breaking the game

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