Crossout reddit seems to be gone

So I decide to go see what’s happening there (usually to see how much people are praising the game or not liking whatever recent thing) And there is no crossout reddit anymore

Speculations? Do you think people weren’t praising the game blindly enough and they just said fugg it and nuked the crossout reddit from existing because people dared to disagree?

Crossout Official Community (

I can see it, everything is ok

So visible to some people, not visible to others, wonder if it’s a matter of needing an actual user and logging in (hell no) or then they’ve restricted it for whatever reason for whatever people

Either way what a massive lmao

Im logged in, maybe thats why I can see it

I went to see if it’s there, and it’s there, but I never read it. Too many pictures.

I have access presently (no account), but I do know that sometimes I don’t, ether completely or partially. It’s like they are doing some kind of update, and I check back later and all is OK again, but the format may be slightly different, or not according to my personal settings.

what a massive lmao indeed my fellow boomer friend.

you see reddit is kind of shitty too, especially the search function. you get better results with google for finding subs/stuff on reddit.

however, if my eyes arent failing me youre searching for a subreddit called r/crossout within the r/crossout subreddit which is a logical fallacy. the r/crossout sub doesnt contain the r/crossout sub, because it would mean it contains itself which is impossible.

click on the x in the search bar to search on all of reddit.

That’s way too much effort for looking at reddit, I just type crossout reddit into google and click the link there to reach it, but it seems to be working fine now so

was right, seemed like it was just them updating something and the reddit for crossout being unavailable because of that

Darn, I would have had a field day with crossout removing it’s own reddit, that would have caused so much amusement

no dude, the screenshot you provided explicitly shows youre searching within the crossout subreddit itself. thats what “search in r/crossout” in the searchbar means.

Where is your god now?

god is dead, havent you heard about the catholic churchs shenanigans?

still doubts here. your first screenshot shows the sub is there, but seemingly empty. never seen that and i dont think its a thing. maybe im wrong.