Crossout: Road to Singularity

Meat Grinder

  • Mass increased from 800 to 1100 kg.
  • PS increased from 360 to 600.
  • Now the minimum mass of the vehicle to trigger the perk is 10,000 kg (instead of 5,000 kg before). The maximum bonus is achieved with a mass of 20,000 kg (instead of 15,000 kg before).

Comment: vehicles with augers stand out too much in battles between 4,500 and 7,000 PS due to the damage they deal and increased survivability.

LMAO they’re nerfing augers :joy:

Imagine the audacity, someone built a decent auger car for the first time since their introduction. Can’t have that! :rofl: :clown_face:

:crazy_face: :roll_eyes:

Blame Seal Clubbers

Whiners be whining. I don’t know what was so bad about augers, aside from others having dum-dum vehicles and fighting 1v8 and blaming their losing on augers.

This is something a lot of people miss.

that’s pretty tight! Having resistances dependent on factions is something this game should have had from the start.


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This leaked footage shows how the developers fool around instead of working on fixing our game. :astonished:

It’s grossly unprofessional. Besides, I believe Russia has laws against this kind of behavior. I’m considering sending this to the Kremlin. :male_detective:

This is nice, but the Omni still doesn’t brake properly. The previous update made braking even harder. I used to be able to brake by pressing any movement key for a different direction. Now I have to brake by pressing keys for the exactly opposite direction, so when I’m moving diagonally, I have to press 2 keys. Not only that, I have to press and hold. Previously, simply tapping a key for a different direction was enough, even though the “Brake” key didn’t work. This shows what the developers know about competitive Omni gameplay. When I mention this in the chat, I get comments like, “just press s lmao/lol,” or “I don’t need to brake, because hovers don’t brake.” Those aren’t competitive players. They don’t even conceive of pressing 3 movement keys at the same time to execute complex manoeuvers in order to gain the full combat advantage that this wheel enables (yes, “rolling-based,” which kind of sounds like a wheel :upside_down_face:). I started using the Omni only some 4 months ago, but I immediately saw its great potential. I’ve been spending hours in custom bedlam and PvP (because some maps aren’t available for the bedlam mode), in order to practice Omni driving and tactics for my new vehicles that use this wheel. I’ve spent all that time to become competent with this wheel, and it’s gotten even more bugged in the meantime. Which means their ‘top-secret clearance VIP’ testers aren’t doing a very good job. And, again, I’m new to the Omni. I started using it only because boosted Clarinet cars didn’t work anymore, with the Icarus VII advancing faster towards me, and without Hans’ +2 sec. flight time (now it should be +4 or +5 sec., based on the VII’s increased top speed, because there’s a direct relationship between these two parts). I just want to be able to fully use the Omni’s combat potential.

Also, dreamer_n_kansas just told me that the Omni randomly stops responding for a few seconds, with the car ending up crashing into a wall, and so on. So maybe those Omni players crashing into me in raids isn’t just due to the nerfed braking.

I’ve tested Omni movement now, and there seems to be an around 1-second delay between changing from one diagonal direction to another. And at times overall steering glitchiness. This is a wheel enabling top-tier competitive play, and I need it to work flawlessly. A creative omni user can spend many hours, days, weeks improving their skill with Omni driving. It would be great if the wheel accommodated all that effort that can be put into learning to use it. The potential has always been there.

A decor part that also deals damage (a whopping 260, at just 11 energy points). That’s new. :slightly_smiling_face:

It could now be easier to get defence raids. On the other hand, no more one-hour-long raiding sessions, which was simpler. If the chance of getting defence rates hasn’t changed, it’s more of an improvement.

Does this mean the recipe will change? BTW, it could seem a number of Omamoris were added to the market around the reset time. Someone said it was more than 70. I saw 41, while hours earlier it had sold out. Did the admins add them through trader bots?

This is great, ST wheels are more responsive now. So they’ve basically reverted the -50% nerf to ST wheel grip at this point, or the balancing sequence may have even turned into a net buff. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are now a number of parts that can only be mounted one of at a time. Maybe there could be an option to build something as a strictly art vehicle, without such a constraint. And they’d be unable to join battles, maybe except for Bedlam.

This, too, can be used as a nice decor part. Someone might need more than one for art vehicles.

This is interesting. More or less what I suggested in February.

Seems to work, but I’d prefer to have an option to use the previous building UI. I don’t like the screen popping in and out the left side. And I definitely don’t like the warning about some parts not being attached appearing every time. I want to be able to turn it off. An example of the autoritarian attitude of the developers, or at least Alex and Yuri. I get it that it’s the Russian management style, but a lot of players are used to having more freedom, choices, and so on.
I don’t like the slowed down movement while holding a part. It doesn’t help with sticker placement (I use the mouse sniper button for that). Doesn’t seem to have improved building.
Why do I now have to shake the spray paint can every time? Maybe just on changing paints would be enough.

This is a step. I really didn’t need the one with resources popping up after every battle. But now, disabling it makes it not appear at all in the notification history. I just need to disable the popping up, but I want them in the notification history.

There are some very nice improvements in this update, so maybe I won’t be sending that video to the Kremlin just yet. But I really don’t like losing my 10 remaining lighters from Polar Lights, seeing as this season also uses lighters. It’s not a big issue with people holding onto their lighters. It’s not like free players can save up a lot in one season and then not have to buy a BP for another season. With seasons now lasting in excess of 4 months, that would take more than a year. Unused lighters disappearing is a minor, but tacky inconvenience, and could be easily ironed out for a smoother overall experience.

Maybe it’s for clarity, in order to avoid any uncertainty as to the maximum amount of lighters, like with Polar Lights.

I only played for a couple rounds with my Auger build, but I didn’t notice a nerf . I suppose that is what it is though. I was too impressed with how the controls were working, and enjoying that, to notice. Before the update, switching directions seemed to be a lot less fluid; slow and almost jerky (almost). Last night (the wee hours of the morning) they ran smooth, like buttah.

My build isn’t a health brick like the other kids do. Mine’s got a dash of art keeping it light (hearted), so I didn’t feel any of the mass nerf. Frankly, I thought they were over-performing and broken the way they were, other than the mediocre control interface, which I think felt improved.

Maybe I’ll see fewer of those health bricks with goblins in low PS now. I can’t see how that won’t be an improvement to the game. They were pretty thick and epidemic, and kids on wheels were just getting pwnd by them constantly.

That nerf to their damage perk seems way over the top, though. I was already mostly unable to inflict any damage with them, and what was occurring was pretty insignificant. I wasn’t even using that feature or considering it (it was so weak), but rather simply relying on them as a durable omnidirectional movement part.

I was playing during an off-hour, so I might end up feeling that power-score nerf at some point. IDK. I reckon it’ll take a few hours or days before the other kids adjust to the new update, and begin to exploit the new advantages and disadvantages presented. Seems like there is a lot there on paper, but in game it felt pretty discreet. It didn’t feel like they broke anything to me, so that’s good.

Like I said, the overall game feels improved to me, but I relied a lot on speed and handling for most of my game play to work, rather than fancy guns and armor, so my game sucked hard after the Wheels/speed nerf and update 2.0, and I think this feels like a massive relief to the chains I was dragging before.

I’m sure I’ll come up with something to 817CH about later (I always do), but for now, I’m happy with this update. I like the Battle pass crap too. The paints and even the stickers look nice, but I usually go for the aesthetics…but not their sci-fi, other than the Ravagers. I do like the Ravagers, and this stuff is supposed to be related tech, I guess. I’m not sure I see it (I need a closer look), but I like it anyway.

Those new pass-through parts look good to me too, and of course those legs. Those legs. Creepy AF. Love it. Awesome sci-fi. As for the new guns and gear; I typically DGAF about that stuff, as my game relies more on snappy controls and speed, than fancy gear. So unless it’s OP, it doesn’t really effect my game much regarding what they offer in way of weapons and modules. It’s the structure parts I’m after, more than that stuff. The new cab doesn’t interest me either, but that’s not unusual.

I’ll almost certainly be getting this BP.


I understand now a lot better why the dev on the live stream said you couldn’t get all the levels past the main levels you need for the BP without buying levels

And also they removed one easy raid option

Haven’t seen anyone mention this yet

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They’ve changed a lot. I’m ready to give it another roll and take a closer look. There’s probably a bunch of stuff I haven’t seen yet. I’m certainly ready to take another look at that new map.

And reduced lighters for 75 levels, from 650 to 475? Yep, that clarified their intentions indeed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I already did so we can blame me for condoning such lighters abuse :rofl:

I mean, BP is still good. 4 Gerridas, 1 Pegasus, 1 Kronos, 1 Thyrsus, 1 Charybda or how to spell that name I dunno.

And a few decoration parts, paints, and such trivia.


The crew in my clan was talking about this all morning. Wheels feel great. The Bigfoot guys are super happy as is everyone else. I can actually run down hovers in my firedog and stay on them. Also, they don’t bounce over the top of me.


One downside that I have noticed is that the usual dps weaponry (machinegun, minigun) now chews up builds way faster than before, sot of reverting the earlier arbiter etc nerfs completely and bringing things back to where they were


Yeah I’ve noticed they reworked the Ampere model, it looks nice in my opinion


The normal and hard raids are now identical to each other aside from the reward. It used to be that there was a different faction & map for each.

So long as you’re not doing raids against whichever faction has bullet resistance built into their structural parts, I suppose.

I noticed the new Dawn’s Children parts have fire resistance? I thought that was a Lunatic or Fire Starter thing. If they don’t follow some kind of logic with that new feature (various faction related resistances), it’ll be chaos.

heads up , the update reset p2p settings
i just clicked the settings in the launcher and seen it was seeding at 250kb/s

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But Dawn Children having heat/flame resistance does make sense as their parts are space shuttle parts and rovers and all those have heat/flame resistance in real life


That’s a good point, but is this consistent? Do all Dawn’s children parts have fire resistance (I’ll go look it up), or just some of them, and is this feature worth the trouble? I’m, thinking it’s not, unless their is some kind of consistency or logic.

I think the Space-Shuttle example you gave is logical. I just wonder if there is any consistency to this new system.

I believe this is what you are looking for period I have not checked in game to see if they actually put these resistances on all the parts.

This is what I was referring to when I said I was both looking forward to and dreading this update. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. I would argue this is probably bigger than 2.0.

Here is an interesting thought, though. If you do raids, assuming you have blueprint storage to do it, you could have builds made specifically for each faction you are going to fight.

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When I went and looked it up, I felt silly, because I already knew this. I just forgot. Senility most certainly awaits my arrival. “Destiny is all.”

After thinking about it, I reckon these stats where always there, just not on our side of the screen.

Some of the novelty of this update has already worn off for me (it’s early too), as the game doesn’t really seem as different as I expected. It’s still Crossout 2.0. I do like the return of speed. Wheels feel more like they used to, but the overall reality is still META or die. I feel like this has been more true since 2.0 dropped (it’s not absolutely true), because I used to be able to play art builds more competitively in PVP than I have been apt to since 2.0.

My kill rate is withering and low. My wins are almost exclusive to builds or methods that exploit the game’s mechanics, and I feel like I have to game the system more to be competitive, rather than just playing whatever I want.

That PS penalty reset trick I was talking about before certainly does work in Patrols, by the way. It’s harder for me to dominate matches strong enough to earn the penalty these days, so it took me some practice to get the matchmaker’s attention in order to test it (I ran the test at ps8.2K). I took screen-shots of the endeavor , if my credibility is an issue. I’m certainly not always right. It’s not a bad thing to press for evidence. “Trust, but verify,” they say.

It’s easy enough to test yourself, though. If you’re ever at some point having the issue in question, just try it. It works…for now. They’ve closed the door to this before.

Anyway, I’m going to go see if I can screw this game into letting me run something besides Augers and Goblins. Hovers and screen armor isn’t happening unless I can find a way to make that positive aesthetically. I think a “video” game should be at least “visually” appealing. Otherwise, I don’t really want to look at it.

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