Crossout: Road to Singularity

One downside that I have noticed is that the usual dps weaponry (machinegun, minigun) now chews up builds way faster than before, sot of reverting the earlier arbiter etc nerfs completely and bringing things back to where they were


Yeah I’ve noticed they reworked the Ampere model, it looks nice in my opinion


The normal and hard raids are now identical to each other aside from the reward. It used to be that there was a different faction & map for each.

So long as you’re not doing raids against whichever faction has bullet resistance built into their structural parts, I suppose.

I noticed the new Dawn’s Children parts have fire resistance? I thought that was a Lunatic or Fire Starter thing. If they don’t follow some kind of logic with that new feature (various faction related resistances), it’ll be chaos.

heads up , the update reset p2p settings
i just clicked the settings in the launcher and seen it was seeding at 250kb/s

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But Dawn Children having heat/flame resistance does make sense as their parts are space shuttle parts and rovers and all those have heat/flame resistance in real life


That’s a good point, but is this consistent? Do all Dawn’s children parts have fire resistance (I’ll go look it up), or just some of them, and is this feature worth the trouble? I’m, thinking it’s not, unless their is some kind of consistency or logic.

I think the Space-Shuttle example you gave is logical. I just wonder if there is any consistency to this new system.

I believe this is what you are looking for period I have not checked in game to see if they actually put these resistances on all the parts.

This is what I was referring to when I said I was both looking forward to and dreading this update. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. I would argue this is probably bigger than 2.0.

Here is an interesting thought, though. If you do raids, assuming you have blueprint storage to do it, you could have builds made specifically for each faction you are going to fight.

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When I went and looked it up, I felt silly, because I already knew this. I just forgot. Senility most certainly awaits my arrival. “Destiny is all.”

After thinking about it, I reckon these stats where always there, just not on our side of the screen.

Some of the novelty of this update has already worn off for me (it’s early too), as the game doesn’t really seem as different as I expected. It’s still Crossout 2.0. I do like the return of speed. Wheels feel more like they used to, but the overall reality is still META or die. I feel like this has been more true since 2.0 dropped (it’s not absolutely true), because I used to be able to play art builds more competitively in PVP than I have been apt to since 2.0.

My kill rate is withering and low. My wins are almost exclusive to builds or methods that exploit the game’s mechanics, and I feel like I have to game the system more to be competitive, rather than just playing whatever I want.

That PS penalty reset trick I was talking about before certainly does work in Patrols, by the way. It’s harder for me to dominate matches strong enough to earn the penalty these days, so it took me some practice to get the matchmaker’s attention in order to test it (I ran the test at ps8.2K). I took screen-shots of the endeavor , if my credibility is an issue. I’m certainly not always right. It’s not a bad thing to press for evidence. “Trust, but verify,” they say.

It’s easy enough to test yourself, though. If you’re ever at some point having the issue in question, just try it. It works…for now. They’ve closed the door to this before.

Anyway, I’m going to go see if I can screw this game into letting me run something besides Augers and Goblins. Hovers and screen armor isn’t happening unless I can find a way to make that positive aesthetically. I think a “video” game should be at least “visually” appealing. Otherwise, I don’t really want to look at it.

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You have been posting pack updates for a long time on the forum DocSavage, wich actually is the job of the developers.
Have they ever given you something in return for your years of dedication to the game?

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Ya, I’m guessing “woke” was meant to be ironic? Kids got blue pilled hard somewhere along the line.

EDIT: figured I’d self-censor the bulk of this comment, as it’s off topic and is likely to start problems…like a good inmate.


Dudes, no one wants to hear your political theories. This is not the place.

Oh yeah, well, I voted for Ballentyne, and you troglodytes got that other guy in office, so you’re the root of all evil in the world!

There… I summarized all the political stuff anyone will post, so we don’t have to go there.
I hope no one named Ballentyne actually ran anytime recently. :rofl:

I think you’re right. I never felt the least bit compelled to build a META build prior to that.

In defense of the game, that’s not really a problem in and of itself.

It’s only a problem with the game’s mechanics means that you end up with silly looking things that break the fantasy of the game. I mean… hovers just look unrealistic and dumb to me. If hovers like that existed in real life, why would they only hover a few feet off the ground? Why not 50,000 feet up & dropping bombs on those dumb wheeled builds?

In other words, the game’s mechanics, in my humble yet correct opinion :wink: :melting_face:, should reflect reality a little more than the current set-up does.

Same… I still have builds that get the MM nasty treatment EVERY TIME I PLAY THEM, but I still do okay, so yeah.

None of my newer builds have gotten to that point, and none of them are as OP as the older ones. I suppose eventually, I’ll have clean-slated every build, so hopefully being dead last in PS 6 matches in a row will come to an end.

In other news…
looking at that list of resistances, I can’t help but notice the 3 oldest factions’ resistances add up to 20. For everything else, it’s 25. Interesting.

Not exactly… but let’s not delve in there and keep it civil, you miscreants! :rofl:

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Ya, so let’s just stick to the narrative.

I have to say, that was some pretty tame schit to get flagged. It sort of makes derp_driver’s point stronger than anything I could have come up with to say, so thanks for playing along and following the script, folks.


Just keep in mind that I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who reads flagged stuff first. That’s usually the most entertaining stuff on the forum. The above examples are no exception.

This is Targem/Gaijin I don’t expect 100% consistency from them, especially lately when they can’t even implement these updates without causing in-game issues like lag either before or after the update drops

Yup don’t forget the pamper brigade are always on patrol

You certainly ain’t


Funny thing about that; I’m almost certain that when I logged on last night, right before the servers went down for maintenance (to update, I presumed) I was already experiencing the improved wheels and handling part of this update, and that’s not the first time I’ve gotten sneak peeks at the updates, right before they are officially acknowledged, and the servers-down-for-maintenance ritual happens.

Not to mention the ninja-nerfs a lot of people don’t seem to notice. I think playing at 14K+ Obscures a lot of the nuances of this game’s underlining initiatives. Things are so dramatically off balance and dynamic at that level, that it’s just hard to notice a couple points of hindrance or benevolence this way or that. It’s easier to embezzle from the rich. Poor folks will notice sooner if the bag feels light, essentially. Never burn a junkie, I always say.