Crossout Suggestions - Improvements / Changes / etc


My own issue with the Helicopter update there so much other things that could have been worked on changed or new stuff to do with out flying vehicles in the game. I feel like there so many other cool things they could have did besides splitting player base to 2 different types of matches.
Full Time Flyers was not wanted by me. Events was fine.

Anyhow that is my suggestion of things I wanted in the game for very very long time to change or new features.

This is my list of things I wanted in crossout or new things I wish can happen in crossout.

  1. CROSS-PLAY: Add more faces so people on “Consoles” can stop running into the same group of clan people that over power the newer or less knowledge players. It will make lobbies more random and fun.
  2. STEELCRADLE RAIDS: SteelCradle Raid either needs to be upped on resources or removed. No one like to play it. It is more difficulty and less rewards. Why would someone want to play it if it harder with less reward.
  3. RAIDS: There needs to be new maps, It old moldy and rusty beyond the wasteland can handle. RAID is been beat to death by players for ever and never got any new aspect done to it. THIS IS VERY SAD.
  4. BIG TEAM WARS: give us 12 vs. 12 or 10 vs 10 on a Mid to vey large maps.
  5. REWORKED ADVENTURE MODE: Rework it to add more things to it make it more useful to players or exciting to go there or design a new map. If where forced to stay with flying vehicles design it for flying vehicles too.
  6. LEVIATHAN WARS: Something for all players not just high tier players. 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 Leviathan Battles.
  7. MORE MAP VERITY: We need some maps from other environments more. It maybe a wasteland but why cant there be forest maps or giant cave complex or something deferent.
  8. SPECTATE BUILD MODE: A way for friends or invite someone to spectate you build. This could be just for fun or learning purposes for your clan or teammates. I always wanted this feature so I can teach them with out streaming.

Think this should have been stuff that been way more nice then just jumping the Helicopter game. Making all the vehicles we worked so hard to make just feel little less useful now. Melee builds, Ram builds, mine builds and more. I still not really got super into all that stuff just yet and wanted too but if it all fades to flying I wont ever get to try that.


if this were pre badge update id have to disagree. the reason was i used steel cradle for easy raids because it was fast and doing 6 of them would take about 20 minutes give or take. now i just dont see the point in doing easy raids for myself as im higher up in the rankings. but i understand keeping them in for far less advanced players.

Well okay minus the SteelCradle Raid. Just seems it under cuts the amount of resources. I am able to complete it as well no issues. It is tougher.

Another important point: add support for apple silicon macs… It’s working for war thunder, why not for crossout?

Do actual balance changes, boost the weapons that do bad and nobody uses, nerf the weapons everyone runs match after match month after month with granted success

None of this “Oh looks like Arbiter has been doing very good the past 6 months whoopsie poopsie here let us give it a +5% spread but also here’s an event where you can craft a fused -15% spread Arbiter and then we won’t touch it with any changes for another 10 months”

This game has so many more guns that Arbiters, Cyclones, Stillwinds, Whirwinds, Nothungs, Equalizers, Spectres, hammerfalls, Athenas, Porcupines, Scorpions and Yaoguais, so it would be kinda fun to see them more than maybe once a week if you’re lucky

  • I’d like them to realize that perks really aren’t that cool, and introduce some cabs that don’t have perks beyond their size, shape, and base stats. The build feature is taking a back seat to the buy feature, and I think this game has become more about the gun you buy than the craft you build.

  • Now that wheels are completely outclassed by all the omnidirectional movement parts and camera controls, driving “skill” and ergonomics is a lot less relevant, turret cannons are pointless, aiming is grossly simplified (if even utilized), and the game is devolving into health brick wars with pay to win armaments as a result.

  • Reduce the ridiculous power-score of decor. Fun is a thing. This game needs more of that.

  • More maps. The Adventure mode map needs to be expanded dramatically to allow copters to participate. I would suggest regions that support more dangerous NPCs and regular updates to encourage exploring.

  • Also, we saw a major Chinese auto company sponsor an event last month, so if Targem wanted to exploit private advertising as a source of revenue, I think Adventure Mode would be well suited to accommodate that. Road sign advertising is an obvious choice for this, but Adventure Mode could also be utilized for hyping future content or features prior to release, by showcasing it through the NPCs, loot, or even a blimp that floats around in the sky telling us to “Obey and consume.” FFS, Adventure Mode is a wasted asset.

Good points but I like the helos. It’s good that they added them. I was tired of getting slaughtered on the ground by sweaty cheese build clans. This game should not be just a Twisted Metal version of World of tanks. It feels like a more flexible and forgiving Warthunder now. I love it, thanks Gaijin.
It takes more skill to dogfight with helis(PS Starfalls are really good against missile spam choppers).

Dont bother with giving advice on game changes on these forums, i have tried it for years but the devs dont listen to us plebs, they are too busy making money of gullable children buying new pack after pack.

Thanks for the advice.