Crossout: Supercharged

I have never seen an update like this :hugs:
congratulations for the good work from the side to the developers :love_you_gesture:
gameplay is much better then all graphics are amazing and everything else :100:


Dam good to read a fully positive opinion about it! :love_you_gesture: :+1:


I’m loving the update! This is one of my days off work, and I played most of today.
My wheeled builds feel great, and I actually enjoy the hover changes. I absolutely love the burning wreckages on the battlefield!
And being able to do burnouts in fast builds is something I’ve been wishing for since I started playing years ago.


Dont ya just love that feeling knowing you have all day to do nothing but crossout!
I work nights and i can’t wait to get off work in the morn on my first day off and play play play all day day day!

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Yeah I’m cool with this update for the most part. I still don’t think hovers needed any changes, but oh well. We’ll see if it works out one way or another.

There’s lots of good stuff here otherwise.