*Crossout Takes Off😋

I think Assembler will be the ultimate helicopter gun. Light weight, no support modules unlimited range, 500 plus damage shots and tap fire for incoming rockets.

Player base: “Hovers are ruining the game.”

Devs: “Let’s add more flying bullshit”.

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Only place hovers are ruining the game is console which is not many players.

I can’t wait for crossplay and hovers are the same on PC and Console.

The fact is all good players quit xo after last hover wobbling update.

You can forget it, it will never happen

They are already combining the code of both platforms over the last few patches. This is much closer then you think.

The fact is that only players that used hovers as a crutch stop playing. “Good” Players where able to adapt and move forward like they always do.

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This 99% of the actual top tier players are still playing, hell those who play hovers regularly just redesigned their build, sure they are easier to kill now but they are still skilled.

Skill trumps pre built meta.

Also right now you are seeing more Omni’s and meat grinders then hovers. like hovers have two major dis advantages.

  1. they are higher up off the ground resulting in an easier target.

  2. every single none hover in that match will focus you till you are dead.

Where you get that info from, is it confirmed by the devs team or is it only your speculations?
EDIT: No crossplay this yr and nobody knows when it will be , the devs just confirmed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No! the fact is that good players uses all kind of builds but when devs get limited our choices ppl getting frustrated and quit.

On which platform? Its not playstion for sure I see many clans in diamond league that have never been there before I also speak to many top PS players and all of them stop playing. Now we’re doing new COD.

Devs thinking about making blades permanent gives you a hint about how there´s no one steering the wheel, also one of them confessing how they play crossout and it´s main build it`s on hovers explains a LOT of things, (bet it´s previous build was a shottie dog)


So announcing the death of Crossout is funny?

Actually flight has been a much asked for feature for years, they are at the helm they are just wanting to test this.

Also from ingame a vast majority of players are looking forward to flgiht with maybe less then 100 people against it.

Just like the repair mechanic…

Repair mechanic was fun but problematic, that is why you do tests.

That said I am a lot more hopeful for the heli’s then I ever was for repair.

Yeah, now just think about how in the freaking hell they are gonna balance weapons to avoid a guided missile ultrameta, what about drones?, what about turrets?, what about melee?, what about short range weapons?, not to mention they have to rework ALL maps to make them flyable, in few word this is a major f$%ck up, hovers cracked the game, this will break it to pieces

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Ofc is funny to see your confused face :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’ve predicted it will happen, devs never keep their promises

there is a reason they have changed from saying “it will happen soon” to “it might happen soon” when confirming things.

I’m not confused. Your a weird person.

Did you win a prize or something? Lol