*Crossout Takes Off😋


I knew it was going to be a brawl…

Brawls suck.

“Crossout takes off”

More like, Crossout crashes and burns uncontrolably after one shitty update too much T_T

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It might be interesting. As long as it isn’t a buy in mini BP I’ll give it a shot.

It seems to be that way more and more.

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So I figured right that the new snow map “High cathedral” would be a special brawl map
And it also looks the the Cronch mode map Christmas Town, probably is with tweaks :joy:

I just hope this mode does well and ends up staying in some way.

Would be cool to have two main modes, ground war and full scale combat.

Full scale could be 8v8 with flying builds, low PS bots, and a DM type sett up where first to a max score wins… would be nice ot have a respawn mode.

I imagine +Power Quantum cab plus 2 Assemblers will be meta in this mode, followed by a hodgepodge of Waltz, Cricket and Locust builds. Hurricanes will be a major menace as well. I can’t bring myself to buy gear for a Brawl, even if its rated, so I will probably make a BP Griffon BP Waltz copter of some sort. The Griffon perk makes you invisible to Hurricanes that aren’t currently locked on you, and Waltz is very spammable. The loadout will be Griffon, 2 Waltz, Bootstrap, Flywheel, Ammo Pack, Cloak and Rotor Engine. I imagine light machine guns, especially Equalizers, Arbiters and Imps will also be fantastic in this mode.

Hopefully this will make a good ride.

After looking at the building rules, and the 10,000 power score cap, Waltz might be off the table. I think that Locusts will be the best for the above build.

not likely. i really liked the dronpocalypse but it never stayed permanently or in any other way. its only a timed event. i really hoped they would add a mode in like the christmas event last year but again they never did anything like it.

agreed, but the devs have a reputation of not putting in modes we like and just keeping them as events sadly.

this is exactly what i wanted for years in crossout. a game mode where the objective is to score more then the opponent before the time limit or until you reach the required score to win. if this was in here id gladly do more pvp because the whole 1 life and your done thing is just ridiculous to me.

Remember this one?

It’s one of the nicest thing they did.
I had a blast playing it, i played back to back, nothing else.
I spent the all event building, tweaking, playing, tweaking.
It had the deepest impact in the way i build. it is a milestone.
there’s before the slaughter event and after the slaughter event.

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Dear Developers, please reward players with blueprints for propellers during this mission. The only reason I might not play this game mode is because I don’t want to fall in love with a machine that I can’t keep playing and building with. You can even start the penalties for using these really high, like -50% engine power. Like everything else this can be balanced as needed, even at 500 durability those propellers are massive, just judging by this picture from the dev blog it looks to be around 12 squares in diameter and at least several squares high. That’s a lot of area to soak up damage. I just hope we can lock our altitude. So as long as your not tipping over too much due to recoil or impacts from enemys, or sudden changes in weight by losing parts you’ll slowly autocorrect to a hover. I assume they’ll feel a lot like hovers just higher in altitude, and like propellers in real life, when it’s tipped in one direction it’s pulled that way. So maintaining your balance in air will be just as important as it is for hovers. These propellers have given me so many ideas so I hope it becomes a permanent item. Good luck driving/flying everyone!

I gladly would trade that propeller (if i had it) for more plows…ok for one more plow.


a couple of very thick steel slabs with 35 cm of thickness.

When it comes to brawls and alt modes the build your own ones always end up being the best.

MY main hope is this one ends up being popular. would love to have another mainstay game mode. you have your standard 6v6/8v8 one life mode.

then you have an all out war mode, where aircraft can be brought in.

Just imagine this.

A five point mode on large maps, 8v8 players with a min PS of 4k and a max PS of 10k. both sides spawn at a base, and have constant waves of the 2k bots generally 10 per team (if possible.)

players respawn and the main objective is to get a specific ammount of points the more bases you hold the more points you get per kill, bots give one point players give 5. and if you get enough kills in a row you can spawn as your levi. But when you hit lets say 5 out of 10 kills everyone gets a warning.

Sorry I would just love a total war mode in crossout.

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seen this on the battlefield…

There is one on the Mr. Twister map as well, two actual flying ones on one of the maps, and yeah copter teases everywhere.

Here is something interesting, if this test goes well, and flight is added in an actual permanent game mode, anyone else realize that will actually balance out hovers power? Sure they are light flight but that is just it, they lack the maneuverability to deal with anything that has actual flight and it was stated they outright don’t work with flight parts.

lol I don’t think that would last long, maybe 30 seconds till someone puts it on a hover build…

sad,i just sold my 2 hurricanes. :crazy_face:


Flutes and nests will likely be better. but yeah bad timing on that. any AA gun autocannon will likely do really well though.

You did the right thing brother