Crossout to Hoverout

In memory of this game who was once a day without hovers squads everywhere start at 3000ps to 15000ps ++.


With all the carping about hovers, I decided to build a few & try them out.

I’d like to say they actually suck & people are whining about nothing.

I’d like to, but I also am naturally averse to lying.

They’re silly easy. Lazy play, really…

But, we have a few dozen threads about it, so… yeah.


repent, sinner!

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nonono it’s the most skillzor part in the game and everyone who plays hovers is a gaming god. Nothing to do with hovers being easy af to play and grossly OP :expressionless:

Anyway, if Targem nerfs them again, they might reach 120 kmh :rofl:


You can tell when a player was not here for the release of Dawn’s Children and Pack Only Hovers and OP Fuse Drones.
10-12 Hover Fortresses pooping Fuse Drones everywhere.
The real Hover Apocalypse was long ago!

I still say it should be called CRYOUT to better represent the player base!

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This time I don’t agree.

Crossout always has players use unbalanced combos. I have been on 5K to 8K PvP battles. When 50% or more builds are hovers combos, we know the issue is with the movement part.
I am using a build that is 120km/h top speed. I use a few extra parts so when the build is damaged. It can accelerate faster. I still unable to out maneuver most of them. They have the best speed advantage with the weapon’s recoiling and weapon self leveling.
They are way stronger than they should be currently, compare to the rest movement parts.

Isn’t that the truth?! I’d be embarrassed to spout some of the crybaby nonsense some folks do. It’s especially bad on Facebook (no surprise there, eh?). They could announce everyone gets 10k uranium and lifetime of premium, and the first comment would be a complaint.

I’ve started pre-emptively trolling the whiners…


And before you start saying “I don’t do Facebook,” I get it. I don’t blame you. On the other hand, I got about 2 weeks of premium and the GlobeDuck from their contests leading up the Christmas, so… :rofl: :duck:

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Good thing I got that before.

Also, Brian Ruppel…

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After the last time you mentioned Crossout FB I found it and follow it, but yeah … I get to see Cryout on the forums and FB feeds :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And if you can put 2 & 2 together, you know how to pronounce my last name.

I figure that was you in the screenshot talking about mothers sphincters :rofl:

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Just for clarification, that was pure conjecture on my part, not me drawing from personal experience. I promise. :grimacing:

Well… look at Dirty Hamster’s response to me after I called out his inconsistencies on the 4 energy Avenger thread
I think it’s more reality than conjecture! :rofl: :sob: