Crossout (XBOX) Ruthless for new players! Suggestions to improve player numbers on Console

Crossout on Xbox is very ruthless for new players clans dominate the lobbies every game if in a group of 3 or 4 players. Makes many new players run off. New players that play in 1-2499 powerscore and 2499 up to 4699 PowerScore.

-King (landminds)
-Yaoguai (Drone)
Them are 2 weapons that is so over powering in a Grouped up lobby…

  1. The game needs CROSSPLAY bad! With out it its endless queue of the same people every single game if running the same PowerScore or odds of playing the same people is like 75%.
  2. Make new weapon specific match types for “SCRAP” and “Wires” that cycle to different weapons types like (Example: Cannons and Machine Guns or Shotguns and Auto Cannons)
    This will be to get the no holds bar pro players away from the newer players some and give them chances having weapon restrictions in a match. Then have a Anything Goes Mission Battle also for the pro’s.
    OR/ Just like paying “Back on Patrol” mode using 5 fuel and battle for wires.
  3. Have more powerscore caps and state them in game. (Example:
    1500 -1999,
    2000 - 2499,
    2500 - 3499,
    3500 - 4699,
    4700 - 5499,
    5500 - 6499,
    6500 -7699,
    7700 -8999,
    9000 - 10999,
    11000 - 12999,
    13000 - (MAX PowerScore)

CROSSOUT (GAIJIN) need to be more out there with features in the game and what part features do a help guide or something give build tips and things. Like bumpers with melee resistance and Gun mounts with the bullet pass trough feature. Just need a simple build tutorial maybe or built in game guide made from Gaijin for new players giving them tips.

I just feel so many new “CROSSOUT” players get ran off every single day, Just because of all the try hard clans in groups.
New players learning the game has no chance against a group of experienced players 3 or 4 of them grouped.
I have had many friends try out CROSSOUT and give up because of ruthless group players that have most the parts in the game.
The game is great just the Xbox Community is very very ruthless to any new player and giving them chances.
They all run the most messed up builds and 90% of the games is won by the group playing pro’s.

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I feel your frustrations but unfortunately PS caps isn’t the solution, all that would do is create a meta at each ps, decrease build variation and 90% of players will just build #999 builds. Hopefully the situation improves with a return to 8vs8 battles and crossplay.

Edit The next meta you’ll encounter is even worse, boom stick/tusk squads


Maybe groups shouldn’t be allowed below a certain PS range?
Although to be honest, groups wreak a lot of havoc at all PS ranges.

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This company does not intend to have decent player retention. All that matters is that the whales try it, and stay on it. If you’re not the kind of person who cashes out 3k/year on some shady game, you’re not the intended audience. If f2p players stayed, Targem would need better servers. And that’s clearly not in their plans.

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I do agree with this to a point. But I don’t think it is whales that keep this game running.

I think the main profit is from new guys trying the game, buying a pack or two, then they hit level 30 and realize this game is a giant time sink from that point on, then they uninstall.

They already have PowerScore caps on Xbox and there already is Meta at each powerScore cap on Xbox.

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There are “soft” caps on all platforms. Xbox match maker is the same as the rest.

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90% of the time 2499 and 4699 always works on Xbox. Just Bots are always weird powerscores but other players is normally them powerscores and below. Sometimes you will see a guy 2700 in a 2499 battle. but it only happens a little.

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I agree with this completely. I think high power score players should be fined 100 credits a game for playing under 8K builds. If clans do go under 8K, they should be prohibited from using the following weapons:

Relics: Porcupine, Jormungandr, Flash
Legendaries: Fortune, Draco, Assembler, Apollo
Epic: Varun, Kapkan, King

These are the classic seal clubbing weapons that I know about but I am probably forgetting something.

I also think it is wrong for a veteran to use a completely fused build and team coordination against new players.

Anything else?

I really don’t think that using a x999 power score does anything. There may have been hard brackets in the past, but these days it’s more of a range of PS on either side of a centre, which seems to be determined by the median PS of the players. Higher your PS, the larger the range, but you can’t do anything to force yourself to be at the top or bottom of that range.
You can easily see this by playing one build for a while: sometimes you are in the middle of the range, sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom. Since your PS hasn’t changed, the matchmaker is just trying to put you into any match where it can.
You will also notice that during less busy times, the PS range gets wonkier, and they have to use bots to try to even out the teams, which sometimes leads to teams where all the bots on your team are much higher PS than the players, to try to compensate for higher PS players on the other team.
I’m totally ok with people taking high level items into low PS. Feels really good to club the seal clubbers, and their cars typically have so little durability that you can take them out quickly if you play aggressively.


I dont think the fine thing is good it just run off other players.
It just need a new battles just for Cycling Weapons and Hardware list that tell you a few weapons or hardware you can use or Restricted Weapon / Hardwear game mode to keep some what fair for new players.

I just feel so many new players get ran off because of the Clan Ruthless players because they just have fun destroying everything for hours on end.

Also be nice to have a CLAN MISSION BATTLE section too just for clan people to hang out and fight against each other.

MAJOR THING NEED TO HAPPEN… Yes coin is worth different on Console vs. PC but it needs NEEDS! To be cross-Platform.
It would also help stop the constant clan bashing of players giving them access to play many people not just same people 15 times in a row.

@Gaijin @admins Fix CROSSOUT PvP


crossplay obviously but I don’t think there is much devs can do to increase player numbers besides from release a new game. Their is usually a uptick in player count when a new battle pass releases. I do think their is a few things they can do to bring player count up a little notch.

Game was always dead but had a decent little revival 3 years later when return of the founders released. This was the battle pass that included one of the most no skill weapons ever made called the annihilator. I think this attracted a lot of newbs and that’s all you seen was people going around dropping drones and all the clan war hover/spider guys complained. So what did gaijin do to alienate all the new players who just spent big bucks on their new toy’s, they nerfed it to the ground. Soon after sometime in may after event ended devs went on a super super massive balancing spree. It was probably the biggest unbalancing if i were to describe it they ever did, to weapon after weapon. They nerfed cannons, rockets everything you name it. I think all these new players saw the risks of spending money in this game after they went on that giant balancing spree and left knowing they can waste a ton of money just to have it taken away. I think it is too late now, i think if devs stopped tinkering with game soo much they could of retained just a few more players than what they currently got but it is too late now damage is irreversible.

That is the update devs did soon after return of the founders. They nerfed assembler into the ground which was also in that battlepass. The point i’m trying to make is why would people want to spend money on items that got a extremely high possibility of being a lemon next week. I think gaijin/targem earned a very bad reputation for this and these constant buffs and nerfs are hurting them more then players realize. I mean they even over nerfed cyclone down to 400 and something durability just to over buff it to nearly 700 later on. These constant buffs and nerfs and going back and forth killed what little more they could of squessed outta this game. If they were better at balancing things they wouldn’t have to be doing balance changes every 2 weeks and I think that is a major turn off to potential would be players.