Crossout Youtuber questions

I know there’s some crossout youtubers, but I am curious if there is one out there that does not use a promo account with unlimited amounts of all the toys the game has to offer.

I’d wish to see that fun could be had in this game without all the free toys that regular players most likely will never be able to afford, if it’s possible. Seeing weapons you can never hope to have was fun at one point, but these days it’s more depressing. Especially when gameplay with them seems more fun that with the usual items more available

And are there any fun crossout youtubers anymore? I feel like Gromek-like content is severely missing from modern day crossout, that was the kind of stuff I liked to see, not random game streamer plays the game poorly for a day and here is some free paint



If they have multiples of EVERYTHING, they’re not playing what I’m playing. It’s literally not remotely the same game. :joy:

Like, they go into exposition, download anything, play it, comment on it, then do it again.



I log in, tinker with building things, do a daily challenge or two maybe… Putz around in adventure… Check the market or crafting to see about progressing towards the next toy…


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Me, for example. I got the promo account a few weeks before, but I am recording and playing with my main account. ATM I am using the promo account for getting an overview and doing experiments.


you forgot mentioning spending that trucker money, or maybe foster money too, on mtx in a pegi 7 game. thats also kind of the topic of the thread btw.

beware, kamerad, crossout swallows influencing people like you and spits them out after. i dont want you to become the next edgerunner cold or treeburgers, r.i.p.

I disagree

This wasn’t the only one.

The build itself wasn’t meant for this. it is meant for two things.

  • beat the Ravagers from 0-100 kph
  • and be as fast as possible (handling is not that great)

But i just collected 350 badges doing PVP
All i have is radiator grilles , buggy floor, and other buggy parts for armour, exposed cab, exposed weapon (special tier).
I think i nailed one of the difference between Crossout and warships.
In warships, you don’t have a counter play.
you pick a tier 4 ship, there will be 2 cvs in each team, all ships, they don’t have a single AA gun, 0, nada.
In crossout you can do whatever and go to battle and achieve what you set to do.
and having fun.
Despite of the exposed frames and all, this build it’s not an one shot, somehow, the speed it’s a armour.
(i first noticed this as a ravager, how thin a suppressing fire can be when people are hard pressed.)

2 of the 4 kills i did in my spawn trying to defending it, cause people missed a lot.

It was fun.

I might do a similar build for PVP.


This is why every other game feels broken to me.

I’m most games, I can choose a player type… Sniper, Brawler, Medic…
Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer…
Bomber, Fighter…

I’m constrained.

In XO, I’m free to do that. I can download a sniper build or a shotgun build and go nuts.

OR… And this is HUGE… I can put a shotgun on a build with a cannon and see what happens. If I can make it work, great! If not, I die.

There’s no rehashing of old character clichés reformulated for the supposedly new scenario and pretending like it’s unique. They’re all Tomb Raider of Doom to me.

Mechwarrior was as close to this as I’ve seen.
XO is unique. Very unique.

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And it’s very relaxing because it forgives a lot, and that’s a good thing.

Rehashing ? No. from where i came we had only copy / pasta. 50 bucks for this

I consider myself rehabbed, i don’t think much of what i used to play nowadays.
before i walked out i couldn’t even recognize the great majority of forum users, the people i used to talk just disappeared over the years and i was as active as i am here.



Treeburgers was the worst YouTuber Crossout had.

BlackHatGaming is my favorite.

Everyone else falls between those two.

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Anyone want to put together a list with links? I don’t normally watch that kind of stuff, but I’m obsessed enough about Crossout that I might check them out.

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Black Hat is a Russian YouTuber. Very creative and funny.


I saw a couple of vids, from what i’ve seen is like Sandbland and like “Q” together in one.
But a lot goes over my head.
A small problem with this C.C. (as far i am concern) he uses an alphabet that i’m not familiar with.
It’s like Chinese to me.

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i would be one of those youtubers.


Here’s a couple of my shows.

Test Drive

Monster Truck Monday


I’m on a break at the moment, though, but stay tuned for when I start back up :slight_smile:

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