держитесь друг от друга подальше
не мешая передвигаться

выводите врага ближе к своим Crossout тачкам

орудиям и мощностям больше внимания

Всем хорошей игры и не всем !


Yeah, I think he is in the wrong forum.

I don’t even need google translate.

“Your ads only include cool-looking wheeled vehicles! Look at this! But in game, all I see is easy-mode mouse-steered horseshoe hovering garbage piles! Your game is broken since nearly a year! I’m not going to spend a ruble on your game until you stop f*cking around and doing nothing but releasing premium content!”

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He touches on a good point, though.

We have had a few discussions about the “Theme” of the game… is it MadMax? Star Wars? Dune? Whatever it is, what they put in their advertisements is NOT what you see in the game. I’m willing to bet if this stupid looking trash pile was their ad, they’d get nearly zero interest.

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And at the end of those discussions the only logical answer is “it’s none of those, it’s Crossout.”


As we let you know in the other thread, This is an English only forum. Please find the Russian forum at the link below.

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