In crossout there should be some or more rewards from modules like daze or interceptor ect… Any support build gets always so little points from the match even tho u could be the one saving your team… Damage dealer builds are too easy points compared to support builds… Everyone is just building damage dealers just bc support seems useless bc of the points u get…


Good idea. If using the Barrier IX is now awarded with XP, the same could be done for disabling weapons or drones. Those could all be categorized as “ECM” in the XP pop-up list that shows when mousing over the score.

In the meantime, you can get some points from blocking enemy fire with barriers. Here’s an example of my Barrier car with a Daze:


I really love to play daze.

I agree you should get XP when you hit people with this.

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That’s a pretty vague title for a thread (click-bait?). I feel like I should appropriate the unintended freedom it infers, and discuss all things Crossout here.

  • I Like the current game Balance. I can finally, once again, play builds I like as opposed to being pushed into a META-mobile.

  • I think the new structure parts from the Singularity BP are some of the best they’ve done. The Impact Bumper is going to be one of my favorites. I like the Gerridae, and the paints and decor too (cool headlamps), but have no opinion on the the rest of it.

I probably won’t use much of it beyond the legs and maybe that Pegasus Engine. IDK. It’s power-score is pretty high, and I’d rather not go there, myself.

  • I’m a little excited about the teaser for the new omni-movement part (ball shaped wheels).

  • I like the game’s evolution in art-direction in regards to it’s sci-fi in particular. In general, it’s always been great, the best, IMO, but it’s sci-fi has sort of sucked in the past. It is nailing it pretty good lately though. They might actually get me going pew-pew at some point, but I’m a die hard Mad Max enthusiast. I’ll pitch major schit-fits before I give up on my cars, obviously.

  • I like the improved access to lower power-scores the updated matchmaker is allowing me lately. I can actually get my Thug out and play in PVP just like the good ol’days. I really missed that. I’m happy with Vectors and a Pick-up Truck. I like the game better simple, and find some of the more elaborate high-power-score builds tedious to construct, grindy to acquire parts for, and then ultimately very frustrating to have nerfed, as has been common.

If I can build something cool to look at and effective to play PVP with in under 50 pieces or so, I’m happy. I like the build feature, but spending hours in there just to get pwnd by Captain_OP_Squad sucks. I like it better simple, and I’m glad they are allowing that under the new matchmaker parameters(whatever those actually are).

Crossout: The best game I ever hated.