Crossout's Future

*First your rolling it back to last week

Then we’ll start again with updates for your excellent playerbase and Masterpiece of a game.

*Add MORE Car Parts, Truck Parts, Plane Parts, Helicopter Parts, …f**kin, add a jet ski… if its a known vehicle in reality, chop em up n add more parts for us.

*Add more weapon options – Be very careful, you’ve done really well so far.
Caltrops/Cop Stinger thing anyone? Mortars?? Ignitable Oil spray gun/slip puddle…It’ll need thought ofc, new weps

*You can keep wreckages if you like, just make them destroyable, like a wreck has 50 dura. (Can you destroy them already…i dont know, i cant bring myself to log in.)

*Add a new map or 2 – always ongoing.

*Revise the contact 2m… it can be hard to make that work effectively, but in theory it should work better… think Power Rangers Mega Zoid lol

*Allow players to visit each others garage… together.

*Keep your new smoke n fires if ya like for Battlefield Ambience… vague grumble…QQ i cant see…but neither can my enemy.

In conclusion…theres much you could do, without …whatever this company/game destroying Update … WAS…not is… WAS.

Well… off ya pop. Crack on.