Crossout is not a FPS its very easy to aim on Crossout so why are we not getting full CROSS-PLAY with PC also.
I am on Xbox & not afraid of PC.
I want tournaments like PC gots and all that stuff… Give us Full Cross-play.
Not just Xbox vs. Playstation.
It’s improvement but only for a while.

Don’t half do CROSS-PLAY like you might as well FULLY do it! Like its so lame. It will be okay a bit till players drop more on Playstation and Xbox…

DONT HALF A** DO IT. If giving us cross-play go all the way and give us the chance to play WITH PC TOO.
I have PC people also I can get in my clan on Xbox.

Can we just have a statement from Gaijin why cant Console and PC players unite in battle???
I just want to know why. Is it coding issues or what?

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I also wanted full crossplay, I want to blame Sony but we can’t know for sure… but they’re always the one’s who have a tantrum when it comes to crossplay.

Oh i know about crossplay whiners but still its not like its CALL OF DUTY or HALO or something like that. Its freaking CROSSOUT with vehicles.

But I mean it is an improvement but still for how long??? That is the real question.

Server issues, I think. I’m also fairly certain console and PC run on ENTIRELY different game engines, so there’s that.

Yeah i figured that much, Sure it may take time to get everyone paired up but dont see why its not possible.

Why would they bother with different engines?

Operating restrictions of the port? Minecraft does the same thing with bedrock and Java edition.

And I know for a fact that the mobile version runs on unity game engine.

My sense is that this is just the first step, and the easiest one to implement.

Facts? No. Didnt think so.

All versions of most every game are run on the same engine. They simply preset the graphic and performance settings. Where PC can alter FOS settings and resolution, its simply preset to the limit on the console.

In the future, some of the game aspects mentioned above may also become cross-platform: we will continue to work in this direction even after the cross-platform update is released.

So yes, this sounds and probably is the first step, remember folks Rome wasn’t built in a day, let alone having the builders seem like they’re drunk half the time like the devs :rofl:


At least Rome got built though

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Why would they bother with different engines?

Money, The longer the game stays alive the more money they make from us Waistlander’s or Moneylanders. ROFL

If it’s profitable enough

Sadly I spend money on the last 3 season passes and the last 3 mini pass things too. So that’s.

My money they took. HAHAHA

Not including I bough every single main season pass except one in all the life of Crossout. On Xbox and even spend a about $30 on PC too version.
Thing is if I only had all that money back :stuck_out_tongue: .Could be nice probably at least $400 to $500 into the game could be even lot more. Including about 5 car packs back in the day.

But still would love Gaijin to explain why not full Cross-Play like to hear what they say.

If I could only get paid XX dollars for every hour I’ve spent playing…would be a nice lump sum. Though technically, I did because I played a lot on Company business trips on a laptop.

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When will crossplay start? I havent seen xbox players…

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My bet would be when they upload the content for the next bp. i.e febuary. (just my guess though).

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Pretty sure maybe next season pass.