Crossplay is Real thing?

I watch stream today, maybe I’m miss something bc I was in work that time, and they said something about crossplay coming up to crossout. It’s true or I’m just trippin…?

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it’s been teased for about 2 years now. PC version is VERY different now from what it was 3 years ago, and it’s closer to the console versions than ever before, so, Ido think they are working on making the game cross play. It’s just that they had no plans to do so, what so ever, when they started and, because of that, they developed each platform very differently from one another. Trying to bring them all together appears to be a nightmare but one they are working on.


Yes. Its real. They said its coming and there should be an announcement soon, hopefully by Halloween.

They first announced it was a WIP 16 months ago. Last BP 3 months ago they stated it was being worked on, now they are wafflin about saying “soon tm”. So its safe to say its happening, but when exactly is questionable.

They said recently that they are working on crossplay actively, but they underestimated the amount of work it would take to get crossplay working, so the current ETA is unknown. I wouldn’t expect it sooner than Q4 2024.

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Few things:

  • 3 different markets ( pc / Xbox / ps )- merge into one? what with the price differences? It’s gonna be a mess!
  • and I hope 8vs8 will be available for console players…?
  • they should let ps players play m+k…?
  • on that scenario, transfer between platforms should be available, for example, 1 per year
  • voice communication in game for console players…?

That’s what I’ve got atm. Some thoughts?

Console used to be 8v8… pain

Markets don’t merge. We gain the ability to play pvp with other platforms. We do not gain the ability to use the other platforms markets, the ability to trade coin or the ability to trade items player to player etc.

I too hope cross play will result in 8v8 again. It was better imo.
“on that scenario, transfer between platforms should be available, for example, 1 per year”

Is there something wrong with this? Console has had voice communication since the original Xbox…pretty sure PS has it also.

The changes they’ve made to tradeable paints suggests they may be trying to merge the markets as well.
And while the coin/resource ratio may be very different between the platforms, the resource/item/coin ratios seem similar enough that they might be able to work out an “exchange rate” to make the transition work.

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‘well if it is’ i want the console market it’s 5x better than pc. :crazy_face:

So consoles have the better markets, but less players. Who do you think will get screwed the most by the exchange rate?

All the console players will feel like they got pushed into the poor AF house.

I’m not a big market player like Monkey, but I think I could make more with a bigger market. Takes longer than I’d like to flip items, which is why I don’t.

I mean it will be a shock when my items are worth half their value on the market if we merged to PC prices, but ultimately I could still get the same useable profit from them, as anything I would buy with that coin will also be cheaper.

Not half bro. Not half. Try 1/10th.
I mean legendaries are half. But materials go for 1/10th. It’s not so much that things are worth half, but that you earn 1/10th as much (scrap is 2-3 coin instead of 10-14).

Console players will not benefit from the markets being shared at all in anyway.

TBH the market is in a good state on consoles (market wise) and collapsed on PC. You don’t rescue someone by poking holes in your boat if you get me.

On PS4, 100 scrap is currently 7.92 coins, and the quick sale price is 6.80.

A Seal goes is going for 754 coins, 624.56 for quick sale.

What are the current PC and XBOX prices for the same things?
I’m very curious how different the ratios are.

scrap is 2-4 per 100 on pc 12-14 per 100 on the box.
Legendaries on PC ~3k ish. On the box ~5-6k.
Relics 30-40k pc, 40-60k xbox.

Obviously there are exception on all platforms to the ratio, but generally all console players are in for a rude awakening if the markets are combined with crossplay.

I feel like there’s no way they’d let any platform get a distinct money advantage during the addition of Crossplay though.

To me, that looks like it can all be solved with an exchange rate for coins, at the moment the platforms are combined.

If they give us enough notice, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. Average out the prices for items and resources, and then use that to set an exchange rate for coins, then flip the switch.

As long as the coins I have can purchase the same amount of items/resources, it won’t change anything to me if I suddenly have more or less coins.

The bigger question is whether the price corridors on PC will have to be extended to the whole market, or if they could be removed.

They can’t give notice, because it’ll always be better to have either coins or assets if there’s going to be any kind of exchange rate… which would make markets go crazy to the point they’d need to be locked.

I really hope they just keep markets separate, it solves all the issues

if u think about it…consoles already have a jump on pc when it comes to the market.

'so pc won’t be in crossplay due to that alone, only consoles can crossplay,no pc :kissing_heart:

Indeed it would.