Crossplay support for PS5

PS5 servers are VERY laggy and often filled with bots, matchmaking can take up to 5 minutes on simple PvP gamemodes. (Also as far as i heard, PS5 and PS4 have their own dedicated servers)

The market on PS5 Servers and pc are different, yes, PS5 market is easy to make coins off and i think it should just switch to PC markets altogether, wouldn’t make much of a difference since PS5 market items are 20% more cheaper (varies).

PC players (Well, from the crossout discord) keep saying how crossplay would be bad for PS5 players cause of the difference between KBM (Keyboard & Mouse) and Controller but they still share the same mechanic, since as far as i know playing on pc doesn’t make your cannon turn to your crosshair faster. PS5 has aim-assist, and KBM has stable and fast control with mouse.

PS5 players may have to adapt to the markets on PC but i’m pretty sure we want more people to fight, we gain more than what we lose (In this case we’re gaining more market opportunities and more people to fight, and losing our rigged market) PS5 Crossplay support on crossout has its advantages and disadvantages but they balance each other out.

Gaijin still does updates on PS5 so i assume he still has eyes for PS5 crossout players but he should really add more support for PS5 considering PS5 still has alot of problems like how in certain matchmaking you have this very noticeable server lag that does this (VID_20230902_213710 on Vimeo), hope this post goes somewhere.

Cross-platform would be nice but i’m not sure about XBOX. (Not including Crossout Mobile.)

At what PS range and time zone are you in?

At US primetime we basically have almost no wait on Xbox.

Very little wait time on PS4 either, except for brawls.

I am surprised that PS4 and PS5 use different servers. Does that mean if I upgraded to a PS5 I wouldn’t be able to access my account?

Dont instantly believe everything you read poony. Ps4 and ps5 use the exact same servers.

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Lol, I didn’t say I believed it.

I was trying to be polite by saying I was “surprised” to hear that.

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