Current Battle Pass Completion?

I noticed the current battle pass ends in 35 days. I’m at level 87 and thought I was on schedule, but estimating I’ll pick up at most 20 more levels over the next 4 weeks, I’ll be far short of the maximum 150 levels. I completed the previous BPs on schedule, and am surprised to find that I’ll be at least 40 levels short for this one.

Is anyone expecting to complete this pass all the way to level 150? Was it the intention of the devs for anyone to actually make it that far? I’m asking because I was counting on making it to the end to get all the lighters for crafting. :frowning:

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No one except whales.


If you haven’t purchased an elite version of this BP and a couple of levels, you couldn’t reach level 150 at the end of the BP even if you’ve completed all the challenges.

No purchase means 127 levels total

Base BP purchase means 128 levels total (purple box)

Elite BP purchase means 142 levels total (base +14 levels more)

So you’d have to buy 8 more levels with crotchcoins to reach level 150.

Welcome to cashgrab. Few here understood what this word really means.


I am at level 92 on the base battlepass and already crafted a cyclone out of lighters but for anyone on the base battlepass like myself it is all down hill from here on out with diminishing returns for time spent playing the game. The most I can squeeze now is a upgraded epic, a epic/special container plus maybe 100 coin.

I still think it is good value but the devs just left the last mile open that contains enough lighters to craft one extra legendary just for the handful of whales out there. With this new lighter system you are actually getting a lot more for your money. In the big chase they only gave you 20 coin per level up after the bp completion but with this bp you get an extra upgraded legendary of your choosing which is best value plus epics/specials and coin on top.

I’m at level 104. I bought the $35 pass. I should be on pace to reach about level 140. I’m crafting all Gerrida legs and have 7 so far.

It’s just a very different system now. Easy for anyone to get all the new parts, but leaves room for whales to spend more and get more.

Ok so it’s not just me. I bought the usual $10 pass like I always do and that was all you needed in the past. I’ll have to be more cautious in the future and work out the numbers beforehand. I’m still happy with what I got from the pass so far, just a little disappointed in the new Gaijin BP “strategy”.

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I think every battlepass is to give new players a chance at a full clan wars build for $50. In the last BP, 3 Nothungs and a Huginn on Sleipnirs give you a full build.

This BP gives you Gerridas, Kronos and a range of weapons including Reaper, Tsunami and Retcher as well as the Pegasus engine. for $50 you should be able to put something together.

Giving an effective introductory build after an initial small buy in is how new whales are made.

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Even just buying a couple basic battlepasses will get you pretty close.
Also, it’s not that people are getting any less from this one, just that people who want to spend extra can get more. In the past, buying levels just got you the parts quicker, but now you can actually get a lot more stuff.
I’m still not going to buy anything but the basic BP, and I definitely don’t feel ripped off. Still a great value.

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in a world where gajin/targem would shoehorn everybody into “competitive” gameplay and then shift the meta every battlepass with new stuff for 50 bucks…

There is some of that, but if they never had anything new, the game would die quickly.

Some meta shifting items I wish never had been introduced are the pack items: the Acari and the Catalina. Both of these seem to promote cheesy play.

I don’t pay to play, I buy stuff every now and then for two reasons.

First, I enjoy the game immensely (even with some of the crap that goes on) and I don’t mind dropping $100 a year to show some support. I played for about 6 months for free until I decided the game was worth sticking with. I’ve even bought a few car packs for a coupla other players who have no money themselves, but like the game very much.

Secondly, and you’ll probably cringe, but I like to get interesting stuff to make functional, fancy builds and compete effectively in……BEDLAM!