Current Battle Pass Levels

Ok, so I’m dumb and can’t read… If I buy the current battlepass… how leveled up am I going to be before I spend more money?

So I take it as the last BP, where people said you get to level 129… is this going to be the same… I get to 129 then I have to buy additional what ever to gain more levels?

I ask this… because at the current rate if I do… Will I be able to craft any of the good stuff that cost 650 lighters?

Thank you for your attention…

If you buy the basic pass, you will be the same level your are now.
If you buy the premium pass, you will be 15 levels ahead of where you are now.
We don’t know what level you have gotten too.

If you haven’t done any of the quests etc… you have to account for not completing the dailies, they don’t carry over (unless they changed it)
Yes, you will be able to craft at least one, maybe 2 depending on how judicious you are on dailies.

Beyond that, someone that does maths needs to answer you.

I did some preliminary math at the start of the season about lighters, not sure how accurate it is but let me copypaste it from the thread. This is calculated based on doing all the weekly challenges every week + 1 extra level outside of them per week with the daily challenges, so max grinding (7 levels per week)

So the devs said the total amount of levels one can reach with the regular battle pass and not buying extra levels is 128

That gives regular pass owners a total of 1085 lighters, meaning 1 legendary item + 1 extra leg, or 4 legs that you can gain with lighters

If you buy the elite pass, you get +15 more levels, putting your max level at 143, meaning +580 lighters, putting your grand total of lighters at 1665, meaning 2 legendaries and 365 leftover lighters, so 1 leg. Or 6 legs in total, or 1 legendary and 4 extra legs

Keep that in mind when you try to figure out if you want to buy the pass and grind lighters, and what to get with them. 2 legendaries for the price of an elite battle pass, 35 euromoney

The next +200 lighters sits at 5 levels away at level 148 (+45 lighters from the earlier levels) so if you want to reach that, you’d need to buy 5 levels which are 30 crosscrowns each which is 150 crosscrowns, which is 14 euromonies for the 175 crosscrown scamcoin pack

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You get +1 level from the basic pass

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