Current state of the game

How do you feel about the current state of the game? For me it feels like this 2.0 has only encouraged more of the mindless rush and ram gameplay because steering on all forms of movement has been made harder, and people are simply giving up on the driving part and just ram into people and spray and pray. And spray and pray works extremely well over anything that requires more precise aiming

Other problem is that dps weapons are just way more efficient over weapons that do a single shot and then need to reload like cannons, way back they still hung on crutching with sideways hovers, but now that it’s gone (which I am thankful for) there really is no platform left for these weapons to do any good over say a basic fast minigun build. You can’t strip a fast dps build, but it can strip you in a matter of seconds. You can’t keep any distance for sniping, because the game is so rush heavy, and you can’t do much anything at close range with a ranged weapon.

I know Crossout is a rock paper scrissors game when it comes to weapons and builds, but there is just too many wins against everything and wins against nothing options out there, like imagine playing rock paper scrissors but scrissors beats everything and paper can’t beat anything. For example why can’t cannons, if not turning ones then fixed angle ones, resist basic bullet damage a little? Even if they did, they would not suddenly become all countering against the current dps meta but give them a little bit more of a chance, instead of machine guns and shotguns countering everything maybe have it more as a cannon counters cannon more better than a machinegun counters cannon. You’re going to get the weapon stripped either way but it would be sort of nice to feel like there is a place for cannon etc players on the battlefield rather than being a gimmick weapon you play for fun when you get bored of the current overefficient weapon you’ve been using for days.

The camera angles suck, simple as, being forced up the ass of your build for the sake of le new epic fast paces speedy speed crossout feels like the exact kind of scummy bullshit you’re already used to experiencing on the regular in crossout


What PS do you play at?

On Xbox in high PS (14k+) it is mindless hover DPS guys. You can bounce off walls in full speed reverse and just chew your enemy to bits.

Blue hovers DPS builds are now one of the most skill less and toxic builds in the game. You have all the CW guys grouping up in 4 man groups and stroking each others ego saying how skilled they are and look at all the noobs getting owned.


pc 8500-10000

Not to mention it looks like wedges are back and functional

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Since everyone is using it, it does show skill. Who’s better on the same equipment. No different than when it was 4 typhoons vs typhoons for over a year.

Are you not measuring up?

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Blockquote Blue hovers DPS builds are now one of the most skill less and toxic builds in the game. You have all the CW guys grouping up in 4 man groups and stroking each others ego saying how skilled they are and look at all the noobs getting owned.

“now” You mean we’re back to this, except they run Punishers instead of permastun Typhoons or Kap Scorps :partying_face:


I’m measuring up just fine, but I’m not sure why you are worried about my size. Is their something your trying to tell me?

But thanks for adding absolutely nothing to the conversation, it’s kind of expected from you by now.


He’s comeing at you because he’s trying to assert dominance. He sees you acting cocky on forums and feels a need to beat his chest at you. He has an uncontrollable desire to smash his horns against another’s even though there’s no does around.


Lol yeah :slight_smile:

Oh no, my internet feelz!

I see some guys compere all agma 3k ps to 14k ps to single game mode called CW. game not all about CW. in a fact CW and regular pvp are compleatly different game. and u can play 4v4 all day long and u nodt need to worry about balance because everyone play same meta build anyway. i want see more build more types of movement parts in agme not 50% hovers and avalance.

problem is normal pvp. Everyday game less fun. why is that? i think more hovers less fun.
and another problem. players just quit if game not fun anymore. i do that if nothing changes. com back later to check if game fun again.

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Amen brother.

I do like playing hovers. But for the health of the game we need a balance of different kinds of builds.


Everything you said. It’s a real shame isn’t it. People are so fixated on winning that they don’t have fun. I can’t blame them either. The Balancing is kinda lack luster, and with a long and tedious grind, I don’t blame people for not trying new things. This game will almost punish you if you deviate from the Meta.

Movement parts especially, it’s a shame that majority of Epic movement parts are almost worthless because Hovers, Bigrams, and Epic wheels (Hermits especially) much more powerful than the rest.


Still rocking the Call with 3 Pythons, Cheetah, Detector and Cloak and 2 Bigfoot tires and 2 Bigfoot ST tires for 12 Energy, but now I cannot make turns I used to make easily. I thought they left wheels alone, but driving is bad in a driving combat game. Bad for the game!
But, still having fun!

The driving is bad enough without getting stuck on all the corpses.

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06/14/2017 participate Mission against live players; 06/14/2017 lose a Mission against live players; almost 5.5 years of muscle memory driving is this game wasted and actually a detriment now. You need to let off W when turning now if you are going fast. Start learning all over again.

But all of you were soooo happy after the hovers (changes) nerf. I told you all that this update sucks , you almost buried me alive, thats why I dont understand your whining now.

They asked for our opinion, we gave it, i said still having fun, i was not whining. Calling someone a whiner is an insult which is against the rules.

Dont take it personally , I wasnt replying to you but to the whole group. Reading some ppl comments you can get crazy, all those ppl acting like pregnant womens, they dont know what they want.

Talking about whining other players but not judging anyone and not pointing a finger at anyone isnt against the rules, where I called you whiner?

How whiner can be an insult? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dont be so soft bud

I actually think the driving got better with the update but seems like most peoples rides are made out of peanut brittle now instead of wet paper.

Terrain still has massive issues with making you loose all power and the physics are still wonky as the angle of inflection normally just causes a dead stop.

The driving at least feels more like real driving as long as you have all your wheels on the ground as going airborne also still feels weightless and rolling a ride is next to impossible as it just slowly tips over and has zero momentum

I suggest you not get too involve in replying to LordTutor as he’ll flag you to Hades and back to try to get you suspended/banned. So when he said whiner is an insult that’s his warning to you “I’m gonna flagged you” Also trolls then flags his trolling victims

Wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t flagged you already for that haha
Just wanted to give you a friendly heads up

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I’m also finding my wheeled builds are handling great since the update, but I tend to design them more like “real” cars. Had to modify a couple builds, but often all I need to do was move my ST and non-ST wheels into different positions. Other cases required me to move some heavy armour around.

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