Customer Service?

I need some acknowledgement this is issue that you are aware of… I filed a ticket, and would like a “we are aware” at least…

All my MG’s that were fused for negative spread (a fuse that still exists), changed to “spread stability”… I don’t want this - as again, my original fuse still exists - IE no reason to change it. This is on every MG from Puns to Sinus (ironically Vectors didn’t change).

This is layered with other issues, that I cautioned would happen in my last post with all the fuse changes. However, we deserve at least an acknowledgement - especially with limited time events, as this issue will affect my level of engagement.

Keep spitting on your vets and you will lose (more of) your base :frowning:


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Look through the last patch note to see if the change was listed. They changed a lot of upgrades in this last pass.