Customisation shop

Expectations: Rare paints like KITT and Red from R wolf, new and exciting ck’s and paints you could not get anywhere else
Reality: Here is that level 1 paint from last weeks battlepass, also here is a selection of blue weapon ck’s that you have already received from crates

Very missed potential



why would they sell rare tournament and exclusive paints? whats next lets sell shimapan and a crash tester for 3$? :skull:


I wish the customization shop would sell a magical garbage can that you could dump anything into to get rid of it, like my stickers and 5 jugs of “midnight” paint. :smiley:

i more meant why would you suggest that? just get good and get them not really hard

So that people who are so desperate for bragging rights over their special paints start throwing a fuss over the mere mention of their super special individual paints not being as super special anymore and god forbid more people having access to them

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Alright post a screenshot of your epic tournament paints then, unless you have skill issues to own any

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Maybe you too would profit from more rare paints being in the customization shop then, so you could actually own some instead of pretending you do

maybe we could give everyone fused relics and promos aswell?

just for you big guy

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Oh wow I have the exact same paints, what a small world

Still would be such a shame if people could just buy these from the customization shop huh, then with what would you brag with?

o.o where did the turtle paint come from, i don’t have it. was it recent? I mean what was the event play? it all blends together, did I just not play the event when it was offered?

Also: Checkers has already been sold for rl money in the past.

It’s pretty recent, but not super recent, I think. It definitely came out before blue chrome, but I don’t think it’s been featured in that many rewards. Or it might have come out ages ago, and also not been featured many times, I remember seeing it for the first time at the start of them pumping out more of the flame raider contests, but never again after that

I’m more interested in where the KITT has gone off to, I don’t ever remember seeing it in any flame raider adds as a possible reward. Or maybe after the release of KITT but with blue (Varun deluxe pack paint) they figured out that KITT was no longer super duper individual spiritual special paint

its a different checkers, smaller pattern and turtle is a tournament only paint

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And then if they ever release Uranium from behind clan wars wall and more people have access to relics?

relics would still be end game and people like you could never buy skill so it is whatever!