Customizable Avatars

Bringing in customizable avatars could prove to be a viable revenue stream for the game that would help take the focus off of new hardware, weapons, etc…
By adding this revenue stream and options to the game, focus can be shifted to a better baseline for items and game play while no longer needing to exploit the “new meta” for revenue.
This idea is based on the success that Fortnite had by not changing the performance in the game, but by chasing the key demographics interest in expressing themselves in the game.

(Plus I think it would be cool to have a WWII era pinup model sitting on my car in my garage.)

Yes imagine being able to pick poses for your avatar and placing them in your cabin, on your ride, or next to them. No corny dance moves here! Just bad @$$ characters you can design to express your experience in the wasteland.

The other advantage is speeding up the time table to get items into he “general” crafting area, helping more players stay current with the meta.

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we have this already and it is already monetized. Packs, BP’s, Mini-season all cost money and have avatars.
Unless I am not understanding the use of avatar in place of portrait.

I love avatars that are only available to Contest winners. Like the Frog avatar for top placers in the soccer tournament. I’m a big fan of prestige gear. Whenever an item goes up for sale, it automatically goes down greatly in value.

More custom garage decor idea is cool as well.

I mentioned Fortnite for a reason… think of 3d people models that can be customized. A marketplace of avatar items and poses. Not just “profile” photos.

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Never played it. I was playing XO.

Thats why I was asking if I wasn’t understanding.