Cut the pumpkin jack

Jack-o’-lantern is one the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. Today we invite you to take part in our competition to define the best Jack-o’-lantern of the Wasteland!

The rules are simple:

  • Download the blueprint Pumpkin Base (author — kaiipsar) from the exhibition
  • Rebuild it so that it would make a grimace — it can be funny or frightening (or maybe both of these qualities would be combined)
  • Upload the blueprint to the exhibition with a name that begins with the PMPE tag
  • Upload the blueprint before 23.10.2022, 20:59 GMT

The winners will not be disappointed, because our prizes include:

  • 1 “Catalina: Deluxe edition” pack
  • 3 “Catalina” packs
  • 6 “Catalina: Lite edition” packs

Good luck

Very cool.

I wish I had time for things like this. I’m very glad they do this for people that do have the time.

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I case people having the same trouble I totally did not have, you find the pumpkin from the leviathan area of the exhibition, not in the regular cars part of exhibition.


Any news on any winners yet?