CW Solution

Dear Developers and Players

I’m writing regarding the CW times.

There are many players real life hard working, shift working and having families and other responsabilities. I notice that for our clan (and I think also others) it’s more difficult to get players to CW at the same time.

Today we have totaly 28 hours regular Clanwars per week, plus 12 hours levi CW. Everything comparted in 4 hours blocks.

Now my suggestion :

Take those 28 hours CW devided by 7 days = 4 hours regular CW time a day. Now make CW blocks only 2 hours long instead of 4 hours and do 2 CW units a day.
Example :

1. CW Monday 8.00 am / 2. CW Monday 8.00
3. CW Tuesday 10.00 am / 4. CW Tuesday 10.00 pm
5. CW Wedensday 12.00 am / 6. CW Wednesday 12.00 pm
7. CW Thursday 2.00 pm / 8. CW Thursday 2.00 pm
9. CW Friday 4.00 pm / 10. CW Friday 4.00 am
11. CW Saturday 6.00 pm / 12.CW Saturday 6.00 am
13. CW Sunday 8.00 pm / 14. CW Sunday 8.00 am

With putting the hours not always on the same daytime it’s possible for everyone in all time zones to play CWs.

Levi CW you can put 2 hours on a different time each day

1. Levi CW Monday 12.00 am

2. Levi CW Tuesday 2.00 pm

And so on.

If you wanna stay on 12 hours Levi CW then on one day there ain’t any Levi CW.

Please think of this, it would do the CW part of the game very flexible and i think it would be attractive for very many players and clans. The Clanwar times would have space for everyone I think - also very busy players could join like this. At this should be like this.
Next argument is, to play 2 hours focused CWs is much easier than play 4 hours, that ain’t good anyway hanging in front of the computer and play 4 hours in a row.

Thank you !

Best Wishes


The schedule is definitely one of the big reasons I can’t be bothered with CW.
But I have no idea what the solution is, other than to make it 24/7 and completely rework it.

For me it’s harder to catch 3 ppl from clan… should be alternative way to get uranium.
Or CW should be able to play with randoms :rofl:

Delete it?

Crap Wars was never very good by any measure. The fact it took the game and made it simpler by halving the possible variables and then called that the ‘competitive’ mode… was always a poor choice. That it has continually been a dying mode that people only do long enough to grab relics and then mostly nope out, if they make it that long? Should have been an indicator the mode was troubled long ago. Let alone all the issues with win-trading, the de-ranking schemes, etc. etc. etc.

Just remove it and make uranium yet another PVP queue or even a group-requiring raid, but with an extreme low reward rate and just… stop pretending Clan Wars is a War or a mode people care about in this game outside of a micro-minority of players.

Then, go back and rebuild a proper clan -war- system so that there’s a reason for people to partake of it.

My two cents.

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so what happened? are you still in your clan? failed to make it into bronze? now only playing in a 4 stack in pvp because its “the better” mode? sharing is caring!