CWs ideas

Just an idea i had for improving CWs.

Round 3 does not show enemy builds.

This would add a layer of intrigue, tact and positioning. Round 1, you beat up there hovers? Round 2 they smash you with dogs. Round 3? Counter their counter, maybe they swap a couple of builds themselves. But going in youd have to prepare mentally for all the possibilities.

Instead of round 3, yes they picked dogs! We picked spiders, camp at base. Now thered be a level of anticipation, varied tactics or positioning. Itd also give underdogs a punching chance in the third round. The element of surprise can be very real.


While I don’t have an idea for CW itself, I will say I have an idea for the reward.

Uranium raids

  • Only difficult raids, no easy, cheesable ones.
  • Very long, on maps designed specifically for them.
  • Point-capture based system, the more points along the path you capture and successfully defend, the more uranium you’re rewarded with, and there’s a big cache at the end.
  • You can opt out by returning to the start point at any time (ending the battle for you), but you get less rewards based on how many points you helped capture/defend.
  • Leaving the battle the usual way (Esc menu) nets you nothing.

What would you say?

That’s spicy!