Cyclone Rework [ suggestion ]

Hello, I would like to share with you my experience about the cyclone weapon.

Let’s start with the fact that the weapons when there are two is too weak at high points and if they are 3 it’s okay because it beats terribly hard but there is nothing else.
there is a big problem with the mass to make a vehicle with them, even if it is successful, the biggest problem is the advantage and yet the disadvantage, i.e. the perk
the problem is serious because the weapon is huge, so you have to enclose it seriously and when it encloses it, any blocking of the weapon, although for a moment it eliminates its entire potential.
My proposal is to do the same as with the Howl cabin, so that it gradually loses its advantage, but much faster than it gains it, or let it have a percentage of the rate of fire from the heating level, something similar to the aspect.
Coming back to it, to make it similar to the aspect, you can do it 6 energy, add its mass and hp, and reverse its perk and the more it is overheated, the slower it will shoot.
I am waiting for your feedback and I would like to hear something from the authorities.

Some weapons are just not meant to be played at low and mid PS. Or your just not playing them on the right kind of build for your PS. I have a 9k double cyclone that is awesome.

I have a triple cyclone hover that is high PS that kicks butt.

The Howl doesn’t gradually lose it’s perk though as soon as it leaves the range distance for the perk it looses it’s bonus entirely.

Changing the perk to be the higher the temperature the higher fire rate increase wouldn’t exactly be horrible. Neither would changing it to be the lower the temperature the higher the fire rate be bad for it either. The main issue with the longer the firing time causes issues is because spread when firing increases overtime. Distance to target becomes a large issue with the perk how it is right now. As it is right now you can’t tap fire it at all while keeping the perk going and let the crosshairs re-converge to regain accuracy at a distance.

The perk also really needs a indicator, most other weapon perks have one.

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Thank you for joining the topic.

true 5 energy biarace weapons are amazingly suited to Ps 9000-10000.
So what do you say if there is an indicator showing the level of the cyclone perk and that he has a perk that disappears like a howl [cyclone catches 100% perk in 3 seconds] so let it show this perk in e.g.% and let it drop to 0% e.g. in 1 second or 1.5 seconds and not immediately as soon as it blocks.

It would have improved the comfort and smoothness of the game this weapon, because the system works literally zero one shoots or not shoots. and the level he gives now seems very pleasant and does not significantly change the balance

I mention the lack of an indicator because it might make it more apparent to people how the perk functions now. Currently that indicator would just have to rise as the length of firing continues. If players saw how often they lose their perk via letting off on the trigger or was interrupted firing via a structure part obstacle then they might be more willing to look at an alternative perk.