Cyclones: Back to the Meta

25% more initial firerate is 25% more initial DPS. 14% maximum fire rate increase is 14% more DPS.

From a 5% damage buff and durability, to instead a whopping 14% more damage per second and also the durability buff.

Calling it now, these are going back into the meta. Eating the new chunky spiders, raping dogs, you name it.


I think it’s good that cyclones will be a deterrent to the incoming spiders vs dogs phase that looks like is coming. Thinking they’ll also be good at harassing hover snipers.

Maybe it’s time for me to give them a try. I think I have some unused cyclone workpieces.

I have already built two 9k cyclone builds for mini-CWs in the past week and plan to do an updated regular CW build this weekend.


I’m not sure what has brought about the Developer’s sudden surge of Cyclone love. 10 percent durability and 20ish percent damage increase in the same patch that Scorpions get 3 nerfs? I’ll take it. This will shake things up quite a bit.

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It’s been obvious for a while that scorpion beats pretty much everything when it comes to long range.
Makes sense that they’d buff a long range AC to help balance that out a bit.
But I agree that it’s an unexpectedly big buff.

I’m happy about this change. Cyclones are a versatile weapon and the best part… A player only needs to obtain 2 of them to be effective at higher PS ranges and CW.

I’m happy too. The change isn’t a flat DPS boost though. They added shots per second but they didn’t increase the overheat rate so Cyclones overheat much more quickly. Instead of overheating in about 10 seconds, Cyclones now overheat in about 8 seconds. This makes the gun much better, as you can burst fire it, and then cool down in cover.

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At what CW level on PC are they only using 2?

Im curious really.

Double cyclone Aurora is outclassed.

What other weapon/modules are they using if they only use 2 Cyclones?

no one on pc is using cyclones lol stillwinds are still majorly better

I think this statement is a little bit premature. I’m going to play them both for a while before coming to any conclusions. Stillwinds still feel good but Cyclones have a lot more pop now and 800 something durability is not to be discounted.

I love Stillwinds but they were too weak before the nerf. They require 16 energy and are outclassed by many 13 & 14 energy builds (for weapons)

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I play a twin Cyclone build for levi invasion battles, but no luck with them in CW. It was suggested I swap them for AC80s, but after the nerf, probably not worth the coins outlay.

i mean no probably a build issue they are used in diamond cw

Out of curiosity, anyone wanna post some pics of your cyclones armoring, front and sides?

Back in meta? Never been in meta :slight_smile:

Cyclones is one of the rotational weapons that has to be used as frontal weapon covered with armor so you dont loose it too quickly… It’s too big, the aim speed is terrible, it’s only good supporting from distance if you dont get attacked.

Cyclone meta should appear on hover or 8k-9kps

Honestly I think they still need to be buffed more to be meta

Cyclones be like: Mommy I want to go outside and play, but when I do everyone shoots at me cause of my size and big long dual pew, pews. Mommy can I get more body armor or lose some girth!?

lol you got that pretty much right…