Cyclones Ttwice or Thrice)

I have two ( about a month or so).
First try i slap them in a " light" build it didn’t worked
Second try i slapped them on this ( Caucasus build, it’s ok armour wise) and they felt sluggish
Today, guess i clicked with them.
Do i get a third one or do i stay with two?

in ground battle 3 or 2 with aurora and in air battles use 2 with the Caucasus. I get mvp 90% of games with my rotor setup it is that dirty op, tis a very effective meta that no one knows about.

We do now!

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Here is an old video and I have gotten much much better since then. This was the very first week when they released aircraft mode and I have used basically the same build ever since, I also don’t even use catalina has my subtle form of mercy.


Trombone would synergize better?

I heard people say not to use aurora paired with autocannons but i would disagree when it comes to regular ground battles. It is not that hard to keep both the aurora and cyclone on target with a bit of practice and the aurora gives you quite the dps boost while also benefiting from the radiator that your gonna need to have with the cyclones anyways. The 4 energy requirement of the aurora will also free up a energy point as well for whatever module you would like and it can fit easier on a lot of builds. If you go with trombone your gonna be stuck on lots of maps with good cover where you ain’t gonna be able to hit nothing and the aurora will give that extra life saving dps needed when a shotgun wedge is right in your face. 3 cyclones works too so neither choice is wrong but id advise against the trombone even in air battles because people have gotten very good at dodging/countering rockets and your also gonna need ammo packs which will add even more inefficiency to your build.

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There is also a few other perks of pairing it with the caucasus. It lets you know where the cab is buried so combine it with the falcon co driver you can know where both the explosive modules are and where the cab is too at all times so you can make a more informed decision on what to shoot. It also helps guide your aim(especially with a controller) so you can make more accurate shots and it can also momentarily track people behind cover so you can pre aim for a short while. It can also consistently do damage to fast side moving targets so if your having trouble hitting someone and that player is low on health than even tho the caucus don’t do much damage it doesn’t matter anyways because the Caucasus will take that player out 100% no matter how extreme he is zig zagging around trying to throw off your aim.

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Aurora Cyclone builds are only good for hitting large spider cabins


decisions, decisions…

I don’t use an aurora with autocannons. Lazur shoots straight dead on, Autocannons need to have a lead aim.

If you have the new gen, use 3. If you don’t, 2.

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Autocannons have so much range an Aurora is pointless if you play them at medium range. The Cyclone is the highest DPS autocannon that isn’t a Whirlwind, and it has no bloom either. Cyclones do not miss in full auto at range, the player does. I got really bored playing them in CC because Cyclones are that OP.

While not as “ground breaking” as the my transition from SGs to drones.
It’s a very welcome change to be in the OP side for once.
Going from the shot at to the one doing the shooting.

I always got weapons that got nerfed, but this time i got one with something in the “tank”…