did… cyclones get a firing speed buff? at max speed they are very fast, or have they always been that fast at full firing speed?

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14% RoF buff at max, 25% faster on start, windup takes 4s instead of 3s. They r op.


I’m really tired of hearing them every game

There’s like 20 non-premium craftable legendaries, and devs massively buffed THE ONLY ONE that was playable.

Go figure :joy:.

Cyclone are very good now, it’s them time like breaker some years ago… don’t worry they will nerf them soon like other guns it’s always cyclic story of XO …

i only have 1 cyclone but i did notice the firing speed going up fast. no wonder the cyclone bots destroy my armor so fast. the ones that run 3 cyclones on a banana build are just so broken.

Yeah they did but people use to complain about them being weak too. I have 2x un-upgraded, they are op but not broken yet, it’s one of the reasons I won’t upgrade them even with all the offers lately. The nerf can come at any moment and it’s a good way of sucking coins out of the game for them. They are huge and have an easy hitbox too. I mostly only use mine for raids and challenges. I actually prefer smaller weapons.

the only issue i have is when bots have them because of their ridiculous accuracy. they are absolutely broken on bots. mines not upgraded either and i only ever use it for challenges.
i do combine it with 2 joules as well and it hits pretty hard. my 2 joules are fused as well so i save a few energy for more cooling and rads.
i know people complained alot about them being to weak as well. i only ever used them in raids and pve so i cant knock them to badly.

That’s true if you can get them from behind the other two guns can’t fire and you can easily kill those bots that way.

I use my two with an aurora laser and a upgraded seal on the that sub cab that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. It nets the most dmg I’ve seen out of it on all the combo’s I’ve tried so far. It does really well with the midground fight you find in raids. If you need longer range damage bonuses you kind of have to go with trombones. The un-upgraded ones still have a pretty bad rate of spread too but that can also be compensated via co-driver and wheels (omni or new legs). I don’t think it’s necessary for raids though.

I’ve taken them into PVP but it wouldn’t be a favorite to use.

All the people who whined about Cyclones being weak were trying to 1v1 hover scorps across C17 lmao. It’s not the first time Cyclone if FOTM (Bigram Nova triple Cyclones anyone?), but for some reason it’s on some Targem’s employee fav list, unlike 99% of the “old”, forgotten items of this game.

They are just legendary weapons, so that just allows them to milk it using the battlepass crafting via level purchasing stuff… Just mega buff a legendary and sell fused versions in a BP, easy money from these braindead whales… it’s sad how desperate our community are to feel like they’re good at the game that they’ll spend X on something even though it’ll be nerfed eventually

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thing is i do really like cyclones and its the reason i have 1. i have the battlepass blueprints to make… i think 2 or 3 more? at a cheaper price then regular. it only saves 1 item but it helps saving money. though i wont make them right off the bat, i would like 2 cyclones but having 1 coupled with 2 joules is more then enough.

dont forget the price increase! it cant be complete without grossly inflating prices on op items. :unamused:

thats how i usually try to fight them, though i see that the bots ai has gotten far more annoying to.

i use my cyclone with 2 joules and coolers / rads fused. hard hitting ill tell you that. joules are very powerful if a little inaccurate but still really good. im really glad i bought 3 more and had them fused in the event. the aurora is good to, i got one thats fused since i had a spare.

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