Daily challenges completed but not counted correctly

Here you the result screen shows credit for 2 completed Daily Challenges. From 27 to 29.

Here you see on the result screen I completed two Daily Challenges in one Mission.

Now you see my Clan challenge tab has robbed me of one completed Challenge. 28/50 instead of the shown 29/50.
The first day, I was credited only 5/9 completed Challenges, while my ally was credited with 6.
The second day, we each completed each Challenge in 7 different Missions and got credit for 7 Challenges each.
Whenever two or more Challenges are completed in the same Mission, the counter robs you of the extra.
Thus, seven is the maximum you can earn instead of nine because the complete 3 Daily Challenges and the complete 4 Daily challenges always completes with another Daily Challenge and thus do not count. I always completed the win 3 Missions and win 3 Missions with selected weapon concurrently. Only through sheer luck did my ally complete them separately and we formed a hypothesis of why he got credit for six while I only got credit for 5. We then proved out hypothesis through careful monitoring of the result screen compared to the Clan Challenge Screen and got image proof.

This whole thing will matter little to me, whether seven or nine, we will complete the 50/50 Challenge and the two of us cannot unlock the next level of Clan Challenges, but it still should be repaired. You should earn a maximum of nine Daily Challenges and have the counter move the actual nine spaces.

Here you see 2 completed Daily Challenges.

Here you see the progress listed on the Result Screen, from 30 to 32 toward 50/50 Clan Challenge.

Here you see the robbery a second time. Another day of 7/7 instead of 9/9.

I would send in a bug report.

This error will never affect my clan. My 11-man clan with only 2 active members will never unlock the next level, so even at 5 a day, we will complete the 50/50. Larger Clans will have more members contributing and thus will unlock more levels but also have more contributions. Still, it is stupid. I could live with 7 instead of 9 but 5 or 6 just because I completed several Daily Challenges in one Mission. Like I finished the get 7000 damage when 2 other challenges completed, robbing me of 2.

Kick the 9 non-active and get more - or join a “Challenge” clan.

On Xbox we have people in chat all the time advertising Challenge only clan - no mic - no clan wars.

I figured PC would be doing that too, but I guess not.

And hope you get someone as dedicated as da :monkey: for all his faults least we know he works hard somewhat from all the time he mentions having a full inventory :rofl: Don’t get that by being non-active

It’s my fan talking about me again :slight_smile: Thank you!

I luv you too, but stay on topic.

Star Wars would love you but I prefer it’s a trap guy better than the stay on target guy!
I said you’re hard-working are you saying you’re not?

Like another posted, my clan mate became leader after the update. My understanding is they are his real-life friends. We still have 9 open spots. I was never in a clan before the update.