Damage Resistance

For Guns!.

We have it on structure parts.
We have it on frames.
We have it on movement parts.

So why not on guns?

Id like to see big cannon weapons getting some bullet resistance.


That might be an interesting way to buff cannons and nerf MGs.
I like it!

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You can fuse for it. +10% to all damage resistance.


I thought so too!, it only seems logical with all parts in crossout getting a resistance to certain types of damage based on their material, and the big tank guns in the real world are impervious to bullet fire but not to other artillery.

So what do you guys think?
Wich weapon types should get wich resistances?

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If they add it it needs to be added for “ALL” guns and not just cannons.

But I also agree that you can fuse them for 10% resist to all damage - so adding addition resists just to add buffs does not make much sense to me.

All guns just need more HP across the board.

Yes thats what i mean, all guns having a different type of resistance.

Lets say bullet resistance for cannons, heat resitance for flame weapons, electrical resistance for bullet weapons

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I’m against buffing “Cannons” with a useful resist and then giving all the other guns pointless resists.

Bullet resist to cannons and energy to MGs (for example) is just a nerf to MG, at that point you would be better off just raising the HP of cannons instead of making a new perk system.

We now have armor with resists - if you want to resist VS a specific damage type then shield your guns with the right armor.

Also fuse for resist.

Also - a driver does this too right? And cabins?

Im sure machine gun users wont like it, but hey.
they have been the dominant builds since the beta, its time to let all the other weapons have their moment in the spotlight.
Realism is not Targems strongest attribute in game balancing, we have farming harvesters designed to cut plants melting thru steel frames, tanks cannons designed to be immune to infantry bullet fire, getting melted of in 2 seconds by a few machine guns.

Then maybe a post about that.

This thread is just trying to promote a MG nerf, not a “fair” weapon resist feature.

If you think i am promoting a machine gun nerf then you are mistaken, i am suggesting more realism to a game that has such unrealistic game mechanics.
Go fire you machinegun at a big steel door and see if can destroy it in 2 seconds…
now fire that machine gun at another machinegun, how much do you have to hit it to make it break?
And fire it vs shotguns or drones or flame weapons?, do you think they should get a resistance too?
I think not, you are just being combatative Roughmonkey and not very helpful

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I’ve always said one drawback this game has is the speed in which a weapon can be stripped. It’s pretty lame when you have a bunch of full builds running around with no weapons. Realism aside it makes for poor game play. However there are a few weapons that have resistance and pass through perks.

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Anytime anyone mentions realism it’s always to promote an idea - but if it is someone else’s idea they always scream “this is a game not real life”

Do cannons need more love? Sure

I still think cannons need an HP and damage buff - maybe 5-10% depending on the gun.

Also remember guns are balanced on “Fused” versions - non-fused version will always be lacking.

If you want to talk Cannon buffs then I’m all for it - but one sided resist buff in the name of “Realism” - I’ll pass.

Get it out of your head please that im only talking about cannons and machine guns.
All of your previous posts have been about this, my initial suggestion on those weapons was only an example.

And the randomness of fusing items is just a cheap way for the devs to make money by employing gambling tactics.
I am glad this moneymaking scheme is getting banned in my country.

Obviously if cannons got bullet resistance, every weapon should get some resistance perk appropriate to them.
If some resistances seem less useful, make the resistance more pronounced?

Cannons and bullet resistance makes sense. You could give all overheating weapons heat resistance, since they’d have to be designed to resist their own heat. Maybe all the mechanical non-cannon reload weapons (like porcs, crossbows, incinirator, junkbows) could resist electric attacks like Acari, assembler, annihilator, flash, spark, jobukko.
I’m not sure what would make sense for energy weapons. Maybe just resistance to other energy weapons?

Missiles and grenades should resist explosions, and melee should too.

What other weapon categories are there? I would say that drone resistances should be tied to their weapons.

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So why do cannons have to make sense when nothing else does?

Wouldnt missiles explode even more? Why would they have explosion resist and so on.

Everyone is going to want bullet resistance.

Resists are not the issue with weapons.

As the one person in this entire game who willingly bought 3 Punishers instead of 2 Typhoons during the Typhoon stun lock meta, i laugh at your statement.


mammoths have a guard or a “shield” around the gun which i think would help resist bullet damage. cyclones also have the “shield” around the gun as well to protect it from damage. i guess the fatman also has that but i dont see a whole lot of weapons with that type of design. plus how would you design weapons to have resistance? i mean cannons should be naturally resistant to bullet damage as they are thicker and more heavy duty then machine guns. though idk what else id give other guns for damage resistance.

Right. The +25 percent bullet speed, -10percent reload, -17 percent weight Mastodons don’t need any love, from the last time I played. The unfused version is much more difficult to play and less effective from both the shooting end and the weight end.

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That’s not the same formula as the one found on structure parts. +10% damage resistance get’s added with any other added damage resistance (ermak/cohort/the call/grizzly) and that total number reduces the damage less than the actual percent. The number found on structure parts reduces the damage exactly as stated (same as omamori which always cuts damage in half).

aint no way you’re defending the game’s current state of weapon survivability.

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