Damage update expect. vs realt

Expectations: Guns that don’t do very good or are very mediocre could do better, op guns won’t do as good as before, cannons become viable again, build diversity goes up

Reality: Guns that don’t do very good or are mediocre do even worse, op guns are better than before, cannons became viable again, build diversity went down

For real though it feels like I have gone back in time to when minigun/machinegun/shotgun was the only viable option. Sucks because I was having actual fun with things that sucked but were not straight up horrible, now everything else is horrible to the point that you can’t even have fun playing “for fun” builds where effectiveness is not the main priority

I think I’ve felt the same way exponentially since 2.0 came out, until lately where I was simply mad and frustrated with the whole game. This update initially felt like it relieved some of that burden and made things better. It’s mostly the improvement in wheels that I think that lightened my load.

I haven’t seen to much of that diversity make a comeback yet, but I’m hoping that’s just a matter of us kids learning the new system better, and that those things will begin to shine again.

agree, balance over weapons feel like improved. Ofc its still not perfect, but its good way to go.


This is a weird statement to me. My brain just does not work this way and I’m not sure everyone deserves a participation trophy.

I will argue and defend everyone’s right to play any build they want, and screw all the guys that get pissed because someone decided to play a car shaped like an elephant (or whatever), but you also have to except the consequences of playing those types of builds.

Just by adding the word “fun” into the description of the build says that you understand these builds are sub-par. It would also imply that you know what “good” builds are.

Playing a “fun” build is your choice and should not be condemned, but also it should not be rewarded.

It looks like hover needs a further nerf,They still remain manoeuvrable with enough armour especially at steering speed, makes their steering speed more affected by weight

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I’m confused… I’m confused because, as you know, I love playing “fun” builds. Art builds, dumb builds, clown builds… whatever. They’re very non-META and non-meta…

I’m not struggling. I’m not discounting anyone’s experience, but I’m not struggling.

I THOUGHT I’d have to re-build everything, and I probably still will, but I’m playing and having a blast.

That being said, I’m not of the mindset that I have to win in the top 3 to have fun. I have to have fun to have fun.

Now, if I’m using some ugly META piece of crap win-mobile, yeah… top 3 and a win is what’s fun.

If I’m driving my adorable little king-crapping coupe, I have different expectations.

XO offers a wide variety of game modes… play the mode that suits your tastes & mood.

Personally, I literally play them all.

Well, I don’t play CW because I outgrew suicidal tendencies long ago.

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Hopefully the developers will find the cause and make the next balance adjustment soon

This is key to a “fun” build right?

But sometimes I think people make a “fun” build and go into PvP and just get stomped. (Also when using the word “fun”, I think people have many definitions for what this kind of build is)

They spent hours building and it was soooooo fun to drive in the garage. Then they took it into PvP and it was :poop:

Instead of learning from their mistakes and building better cars for combat they would rather complain their build does not work and claim everything should work.

All builds should not work.


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So how is the balance now? What builds are powerful? I do see a lot of hovering Scorpions and Typhoons, but some people say the hovering gets somewhat balanced now, I haven’t played CW recently and my thoughts are based on my guesses so I’ll be a little off

I’m actually seeing a lot of fire dogs recently because of the hover speed and height nerf. Not sure if it’s meta or anything but they certainly increased in number noticeably after the update.

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IF cannons are becoming OP, then a counter to that would be to build with Scavenger and Steppenwolf structural parts, right?

The only place I think I’ve noticed this being noticeable is in hard raids where there are build made almost exclusively of on faction’s parts. But, if you’re attempting to counter a specific weapon or weapon type, building with the appropriate parts seems to be obvious.

Not really.

You want the high bullet resist so they do not penetrate deep into the car, then explode.

I’ve been enjoying the update, dmg and all. I loose a little more often but that’s actually ok with me with the exception that it does now take me longer to do dailies.

I even picked up some new toys that people tossed aside.


I don’t know what the raid is like now, but before that, the dawn children had 30% resistance to energy weapons

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Biggest counter to cannons is the nova cab or a flash, coming from a mastodon player, a flash literally cripples you the second it touches you because it just destroys your reload. Additionally well timed novas can really put me in a bad position.


This is a false premise. Perhaps it is why you don’t understand.

Being an owner and proprietor of a Graphics Design firm, you should, however, be able to understand the value of aesthetics. That is the context you should be understanding this discussion as being in.

I will try to explain; It is the broken nature of this artificial universe that allows for and causes the avatars in this universe to appear misshapen and alien. That much I know you understand very well.

People think that’s ugly and would like this universe to look and behave more natural and according to more familiar physics, and thereby, like you’ve said before, a corresponding physical appearance that we can then stand to look at for an hour. Otherwise, this video game isn’t providing the escape many of us were hoping for.

A lot of us are in it for something other than “winning.” Charlie Sheen is “Winning.” It’s just not that cool to everybody, but what is important, is the escape that gaming provides. For me personally, the wins are not very relevant, but the loses tend to represent games that weren’t very enjoyable.

I don’t want a “Participation reward.” Nobody does, obviously. What we want is enjoyable entertainment. But, who wants to watch ugly people fucking?

Nevermind. Don’t answer that, but you get the point. I hope. It’s probably the best I’m gonna come up with.

Dude, I almost spit my hot tea all over the kitchen! :joy::rofl:


Ya, I probably oughtta split after that one. I better hit the wasteland before I get in trouble. See ya out there, kids. :shushing_face:


Sure, but these are war machines.

I also built tanks in the army and currently we make designs for things to be manufactured in factories.

The “aesthetic” of many things is tossed out the window for the sack of being good at a specific task.

The idea that a war machine needs to look good while it is killing people is a moot point.

This is not how real life works or how XO works.