Damage update is biggest wrong thing in Crossout history!

Damage update is biggest wrong thing in Crossout history! Weapons which should be reduced are more powerfull again and weapons which needs be quicker and have more damage are again more weak. Again we see only donators profit from reducing damage updates!

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Mmm…I don’t know. I’m thinking there’s a list with some strong competition for that honor. They’ve done some dumpster fires in the past. I’m not sure this is one of them.


Yeah I’m not really seeing the issue. Cannons are relevant again, reapers are more relevant now. Scorps and punis are still as good at stripping weapons as ever. Avalanche is actually usable with the pen. Fire dogs still melt you and porcs will still control an area. Seems like business as usual except everyone is a bit more tanky which is nice because I like longer fights.


…but not OP. I don’t run cannons very often, because they’re sort of tough…you have to aim (bummer, right?). Since you do have to concentrate a little with cannons, I think it’s about time they rewarded the effort, but I’m glad I’m not getting pwnd mercilessly by them, because they fixed wheels, and now I can offer a little competition sometimes too.

It’s not a bad update.


It did some good, but some bad as well, basically some weapons got a buff they needed (cannons) but at the same time some stuff that was already not good, got even worse, and some stuff that was already good, got even better.

Outside cannons it pretty much reverted some general nerfs to shotguns, machineguns and miniguns, which already do good, made meelee threatening again, and made whirlwind be better so stillwind is no longer the only explosive autocannon worth anything.

But everything else was nerfed pretty much, bringing the game back to the age old feel of shotguns and mini/machineguns being generally better than most other weapons, which I am sure nobody was not very tired of like 2 updates ago already.

Yeah I am having a lot more fun with my mastodons and avalanche now. Heck, I might even pull out the old executioners for some old school fun.


Sorry but I am not exactly sure what nerfs you are referring to. When looking at the patch notes most weapons received some form of minor durability buff or received some pen. But very few weapons received a direct nerf, can you elaborate on what you are talking about for me?

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i see hover guy crying thats all

This update is very good for everything not broken OP hovers

every weapon feels more balanced now. Tho scorps seems little too OP for most new builds

Thanks for good update DEVS.


Yeah… not to pile on, but as of right now, I see this update as a win for variety.

I was fearing it because it looked like some of the builds I’ve been using for a very long time were going to get a hard nerf it. They did get nerfed to a degree, but they’re still quite usable. I don’t need my builds to be OP MVP machines to enjoy them, so I’m pleased.

OTOH, I’m toying with build types I’ve never really invested in because I’m thinking they’re more usable… specifically cannons.

Mark me pleased.

Of course don´t need be MVP but still needs better balance if you met retcher bot he is awesome good aim and kill 2000 armour of your car on 1 or 2 shots that horrible mistake should be changed. When you want kill it with arbiters you needs sometimes 7-10 seconds for destroy their weapons its not fair. The real problem is many players complain about machine guns for PVP and best way will separate stats for weapons for PVP and PVE that not still be destroy fairplay, because one of the big problem which we players see bots haven´t reduces of damage and have stats like at start of game.

And the next thing which is really annoying/unpleasant all-seeing artillery, damage is ok its artillery but when you hide in invisible from start game and in moment when off invissible you have been hit and dead on 1 barrage its really ******

Coming from a career mandrake player; the trade offs for that damage are quite substantial, if a dog decides I’m dead then there isn’t much I can do about it. Believe it or not but mandrake and heather have really low durability to go along with their minimum range. By the time I get to a teammate who can help I’ll likely be down one or both guns. Add on to that, the fact that the guns are 7 energy and I’d say artillery is fairly balanced. If it wasn’t you would see a lot more of it.


Cannons and scorps are really op with this rework, i play both. You don’t really need to aim specific parts of enemy build, just shot few shots with prosecutors and enemy is done, same with scorps and other weapons which has huge penetration buff. Armor doesn’t really matter now, at least for me

I’m not disagreeing with you. Those things have been hilariously OP since they first came on the scene.

The only counter to them is to learn their PS & watch for them on the loading screen. If there’s a retcher bot, keep your distance & de-gun the thing (which is pretty easy).

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Until it somehow sneaks up on you lol.

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I think too that argument is not valuable (of course everybody try run out when they seem them :slight_smile: ) but ok opinion counted :smiley:

Argument? I was agreeing with you. :confused:

You write dissagree and keep distance but you can´t if they are invissible :slight_smile:

True… ya’ gotta have a spray & pray dude de-cloaking them for sure.

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There should be way retchers builds bots on bigger PS for example after 15k PS or delete them from PVE and community will be more happy. Or another way Different stats of weapons for PVE and PVP (because it seem bots haven´t penalties from reduces patches)