Daze is OP AF

This module is way way way to powerful, no counter to it and leaves you un able to defend yourself for 6 seconds or more.

You get dazed your weapons return to their start position, so that 1 sec you get before second shutdown occurs again, your weapons are returning to aiming position, and waste that 1 second rotating, just to return back to start position.

Close combat is now determined by which team has more Daze modules, not by skill or luck

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this module becomes highly explosive after it’s used, so, really all you gotta do is ram the rig that has it, no guns needed. BOOM!


Daze is not OP.

Your car loses a ton of power when it is active and the person using it can hardly move in comparison to their normal movement. (It’s like putting the max flash debuff on yourself)

And as mentioned before it is explosive.

The negatives counter act the positives to make it balanced.


So what if it’s explosive, you can’t shoot it.

Movement doesn’t mean squat if your enemy can’t shoot you.

It’s OP 1 module can shut down a entire team for 6-9 seconds. More then enough time to strip multiple enemies. Multi Daze is Invincible mode

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If your entire team is within 35m then you deserve to all be shut down. Stop clumping Up in a pile.


I said can, clearly you’ve never been in a dog pile before

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I can see daze being an issue if a team of four players constantly cycles four dazes while in coms and In unisen. Other than that the module seems fine. Granted I wasn’t happy about its introduction but it turned out not to be much of an issue at all.

So to prevent a team of players from perma locking guns all Devs need to do is add one more mechanic to it. If a player has been affected by daze they can not be affected by a daze affect again for x Secconds. Easy fix.

so, wait, if we see a dog pile, we’re NOT supposed to screw it up with what ever we can?


Played top ten clan wars for years.

If your dogs are dumb enough to pile up on the same target then you get punished.

Also, if you run all dogs then you get punished.

It’s not that the Daze is OP. You guys just don’t know how to CW.

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Last time I checked the Daze effect doesn’t last 6 seconds!

I’ve not come into contact with anyone using that module and I’ve been playing games in power scores from 3k up to 12k recently!

^^^^ This is 100% true, people need to stop acting like this is the old Typhoon perk situation, cause it’s nowhere near that situation! Not even in the same ball park!

Probably why I haven’t come across it, it’s literally a ticking time bomb you strapped to your back, give it time and it’ll be almost entirely left to gather dust, these aren’t the Typhoon’s first perk, calm down there :crazy_face:

Everything on a vehicle in the game can be shot … :clown_face:

That’s your opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah alright there buddy, it doesn’t work like that and if you’re whole team is rubbing up against a player with the Daze then

Only a particular type of person like those! … Like WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW players

Preach it oh great Monkey Sage, bestow your wisdom down upon the ignorant masses! :monkey:



Does Kami cab not counter it?? Pretty sure it does. I only found it op when I ran into D4MN players using breaker hovers and they were alternating using them so you were always disabled. But it’s not the only op strat in the game rn. Punisher omamori hovers…