Dead driver meat

We get to smell the dead bodies cooking in the vehicles after battles at times…i would love to see them too.

Some kind of ragdoll driver animation for when the cab blows up. It should send a little flaming body up and across the battlefield…maybe in pieces…depending on how explosive the destruction was.

Would be fun to see. Doesn’t have to be gory.

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It’d be fun to push a decapitated head around the field. Bonus, if you could bounce it into a net for some extra scrap.


If only. But we can’t even swear in chat in the most basic ways. The games stuck with its rating I think. We’ll never get that kind of realism. It’s unfortunate really. I do hate foolish restrictions.

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Id honestly like to have actual gore in-game as well, but considering we don’t even have driver models in the first place we’d need that first lol. I remember Mr. G saying in one his videos that the reason was to keep the game PG, kinda like a derby game is less violent and gory than lets say Bloodborne. The game even has the teen rating on steam so maybe it’s not that far fetched for a reason.

Personally, I don’t always like these ratings especially for games like XO and Id love to see that as well, I just feel the devs always has been chilly towards lore and actual story/person elements in the game. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if the game don’t even have a single 3d character model into it.

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Crossout/Carmageddon. :crazy_face:

I’ve been saying for years that Crossout would be much improved by pedestrians.

I’m thinking GTA NPCs, but with a Crossout look.

Also, there could be brawls where you have to obliterate the most number of pedestrians. Finally a good use for quad harvester build!

If they could change the game age rating they could do this.

it’s not foolish, it makes sense.

Any game wants to reach the widest audience possible in order to maximize profit , this kind of game doesn’t have such things because they don’t want to cut off a portion of the market being PEG-13

Nothing like this will ever be added because it is a free game and they want to keep the rating as low as they can.